Wahoo Fitness Bike Pack: A Smart Case For Your Bike

Wahoo Fitness Bike PackThe Bike Pack from Wahoo Fit­ness turns your iPhone into a cycling com­put­er. The water­proof and shock­proof case mounts eas­i­ly onto your han­dle­bars with the four cable ties. The rub­ber mount allows you to piv­ot the screen to view it in land­scape or por­trait mode. The Lex­an coat­ing pro­tects the touch­screen while still pro­vid­ing respon­sive functionality.

Once you have the case mount­ed on your bike, you can track your speed and pace with the sen­sors pro­vid­ed. The built in ANT + radio trans­ceiv­er lets you wire­less­ly con­nect to your favorite fit­ness mon­i­tor­ing equip­ment.  You can mea­sure your dis­tance, your heart rate, ele­va­tion, or any oth­er stats you want to learn from your rides.

 The Bike Pack turns your bike into a smart machine that is capa­ble of track­ing your rides whether you’re log­ging long miles on the open road or rag­ing down mud­dy singletrack. 

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