Lindsey Voreis: Beti AllRide Mountainbike Clinics are Coming to a Town Near You

The Beti All­Ride Clin­ic is a moun­tain bike clin­ic run by moun­tain bike instruc­tor Lind­sey Vor­eis, and it’s for women and women only. After tra­vers­ing the coun­try for 10 years, show­ing off moun­tain bik­ing prod­ucts as a brand ambas­sador, and spon­sor­ing kids to intro­duce them into the bike indus­try she real­ized some­thing. “I saw a void in female par­tic­i­pa­tion so I got cer­ti­fied to teach and set out on a mis­sion to change wom­en’s lives with two wheels and some dirt.”

The Clymb: What’s the All­Ride clin­ic and what’s its goal?
Lind­sey Vor­eis: Beti All­Ride Clin­ic is a wom­en’s only moun­tain bike skills clin­ic whose mis­sion is to inspire women to find their great­est poten­tial through moun­tain bik­ing and cre­ate rid­ers for life. What sets the Beti All­Ride Clin­ic apart form oth­er wom­en’s clin­ics out there is the “Ladies All­Ride” phi­los­o­phy that con­nects women with their bikes at a deep­er lev­el. It’s not a mat­ter of show­ing up to go through the motions; it’s har­ness­ing the “inner rid­er” of each par­tic­i­pant through inspir­ing coach­ing trained to guide each par­tic­i­pants in find­ing the con­fi­dence with­in to tack­le the obsta­cles in front of them with safe skills and prac­tice to accom­pa­ny it. Through this method, the Beti All­Ride Clin­ic helps women take their under­stand­ing of bal­ance to a whole new lev­el and cre­ate rid­ers for life.

The Clymb: Are only women allowed? Are any moun­tain bik­ing dudes involved?
LV: The Beti All­Ride Clin­ic is intend­ed for female par­tic­i­pa­tion only. Although we find that many guys sign their sig­nif­i­cant oth­ers up for the event, and come and enjoy what the venue has to offer themselves.

The Clymb: Where and when is the All­Ride Clin­ic?
LV: The Beti All­Ride Clin­ic has expand­ed to four loca­tions for 2014:

Sedona, Ari­zona: May 3–4
Angel Fire, New Mex­i­co: May 17–18
Key­stone, Col­orado: June 21–22
Crest­ed Butte, Col­orado: August 2–3

The Clymb: Why should more women ride moun­tain bikes?
LV: More women should ride moun­tain bikes because it’s a life-chang­ing activ­i­ty. Once they expe­ri­ence it through the Beti All­Ride Clin­ic, moun­tain bik­ing will become a lifestyle, not just an activ­i­ty. We’ve expe­ri­enced it our­selves and seen it time and again. Moun­tain bik­ing is a metaphor for life, and find­ing the con­fi­dence with­in to tack­le obsta­cles in front of you that are chal­leng­ing and fear­ful, will trans­late into oth­er aspects of life with a new­found sense of con­fi­dence and an atti­tude of perseverance.

The Clymb: What skills are taught at the All­Ride clin­ic? Is it only about bicy­cle main­te­nance?
LV: The Beti All­Ride Clin­ic focus­es pri­mar­i­ly on moun­tain bike skills, start­ing with the fun­da­men­tals of bike-body sep­a­ra­tion, posi­tion­ing, brak­ing, speed con­trol, and pro­gress­ing all the way to advanced skills of nav­i­gat­ing steep/technical descents, jump­ing and drops. We cov­er some aspects of bike main­te­nance in off-the-bike clin­ics at the end of each day, how­ev­er our main focus is on con­nect­ing women to their bikes.

If this isn’t enough women on bikes for you, check out anoth­er great all-women event, the Beti Bike Bash.