Ten Nature Hacks Sure to Impress Your Friends

camping hacksBeing an out­door junkie is incred­i­bly com­mon; hav­ing nature hacks up your sleeve in the event of an emer­gency or ran­dom badassery is anoth­er. Know­ing which spi­ders don’t bite so you can pick them up and hand over to your friends as a par­ty trick is just the begin­ning. Below are ten hard­core nature hacks—starting with good ol’ fire.

Often the dif­fer­ence between life and death, it’s also a great way to unite campers.

Lint inside a toi­let paper roll kin­dling: Final­ly, a pur­pose for all of that grimy lint that you inces­sant­ly pull out of your dry­er. Save it up with your card­board toi­let paper roll trash. Sim­ply fill the mid­dle sec­tion with lint and voila—you have a match ready light fire starter!

Dori­tos or Chee­tos as kin­dling: Not just the flam­ing hot fla­vor either. The fat con­tent in both of these chips makes them very flam­ma­ble. It’s prob­a­bly bet­ter on your waist­line this way, too.

Alco­hol swabs as fire starters: You’ll find these in your handy first aid kit. In a pinch rip one open and light. You’ll have a high flame for about 30 seconds–1 minute.

A Cray­ola cray­on as a fire starter: Not only is it a great fire starter, it will burn for up to 30 minutes!


Super­glue stitch­es: Super glue is small, light, and easy to car­ry. It can “fix” all sorts of things, includ­ing your lac­er­a­tions. If you slice your fin­ger with a knife or oth­er object, the most impor­tant thing to do before clos­ing is clean it out thor­ough­ly. Irri­gate with clean water. Once you’re cer­tain it’s clean, pinch almost all of the way closed, apply glue along the “seam”, then ful­ly close and hold until the glue sets. You’ll feel pres­sure and a throb, but this is normal.

Map­ping your route with arrows from rocks/sticks: When your hik­ing path forces you to choose a way look around for sticks and rocks and cre­ate an arrow on the ground point­ing you towards your way back.

Fig­ure out how much time is left in the day: Judg­ing the sun­light left to hike in the after­noon can be tricky some­times. You don’t want the night to fall and get lost get­ting back to your camp­site or car. Don’t wor­ry, there is a hack for that too. Put your hand up in the sky and place it right below the sun. Count the num­ber of fin­gers it takes to reach the hori­zon from the bot­tom of the sun and mul­ti­ply that by 15. Each fin­ger counts for 15 min­utes of light left from where you’re standing.


Beer/Can pop­corn: Pour some pop­corn ker­nels into an emp­ty beer can about ¼ of the way full. Then add some popcorn/olive oil, and place the can on the edge of the fire. Allow the ker­nels to do their thing until the pops slow down to more than a cou­ple of sec­onds apart. Cut the can in half and chow down.

Cof­fee tea bags: Pour cof­fee grounds into a cof­fee fil­ter and then tie it off with den­tal floss. That’s it! A portable cof­fee bag that can be used just like a teabag

Nat­ur­al mos­qui­to repel­lent: Throw some sage in the camp­fire. Now you have a won­der­ful­ly smelling camp­fire that will repel insects! It’s that easy.

You are now equipped to the next lev­el of out­door badassery that you can show­case to your friend the next time you seek and find adven­tures together.