10 Outdoor Places to Propose

So, you’ve decid­ed to fol­low Beyonce’s advice and “put a ring on it.” Great. Now, before you run to your partner’s side, sput­ter­ing non-sen­si­ble words while try­ing to catch your breath from excite­ment, con­sid­er your pre­sen­ta­tion. In the­o­ry, this moment should only hap­pen once and will be remem­bered often for the rest of your lives. Fam­i­lies, friends, and curi­ous cowork­ers will con­stant­ly ask for details regard­ing how and where such a propo­si­tion occurred. Most like­ly, the two of you will recall the moment fond­ly. But what if you could just make it a lit­tle more spe­cial? A lit­tle more…dangerous? If desir­ing such, this arti­cle may offer the con­di­tions and loca­tions you seek for the occasion.

Whitaker Point, Arkansas copy

Whitak­er Point, Arkansas
Whether it func­tions as a place to share a smooch, or to pro­pose the “offi­cial” begin­ning of your lives togeth­er, Hawks­bill Crag/Whitaker Point in Arkansas pro­vides the plat­form for those roman­tic moments that cou­ples crave. The crag­gy rock mod­est­ly projects out­wards from the moun­tain­side over­look­ing the forests of oak and ash trees cov­er­ing the Ozarks. As the awe sub­sides from your partner’s face, reveal the ring. The hike and sur­prise will have them swoon­ing like an oak tree delight­ed by a cool breeze.

Seljalandsfoss copy

The world offers some pret­ty spec­tac­u­lar water­falls. Choos­ing just one to pro­pose at real­ly cheats the rest of them. How does one decide between Sel­ja­lands­foss in Ice­land and Iguaza Falls in Brazil? And what about Nia­gara Falls in the Unit­ed States? Whichev­er fall you vis­it, the sight of water crash­ing over rocky ledges and plum­met­ing hun­dreds of feet into pools will be an incred­i­ble and excit­ing expe­ri­ence. Many peo­ple refer to get­ting mar­ried as “tak­ing the plunge,” an intim­i­dat­ing phras­ing for aban­don­ing bach­e­lor­hood/bach­e­lorette-hood for some­thing ELSE. How­ev­er, watch­ing the water dive from its nar­row con­fines towards a larg­er source may com­fort any second-guessers.

Bioluminescent Bay copy

Bio­lu­mi­nes­cent Bay, Vieques, Puer­to Rico
Look­ing for some­thing a lit­tle more mag­i­cal for the occa­sion? Then maybe Bio­lu­mi­nes­cent Bay can sup­ply you with the ide­al set­ting. With each splash from your kayak pad­dle, the water bright­ens into a green­ish-blue neon col­or glow­ing like some­thing out of Nev­er­land. The “mag­ic” is cre­at­ed by thou­sands of tiny organ­isms called dinofla­gel­lates that light up when dis­turbed. But if you pre­fer a more fan­tas­ti­cal expla­na­tion, then just imag­ine these crea­tures as Peter Pan char­ac­ters throw­ing fairy dust every­where. On a side note, please refrain from swim­ming in or using DEET at Bio­lu­mi­nes­cent Bay because the chem­i­cals harm the dinofla­gel­lates, AKA fairies.

Mount Rushmore copy

Mount Rush­more, South Dako­ta Alright, it’s a bit tame and touristy, but Mount Rush­more rep­re­sents com­mit­ment. The sculpt­ed faces of Wash­ing­ton, Jef­fer­son, Roo­sevelt and Lin­coln have sat with heads togeth­er, gaz­ing into the dis­tance since 1939. A uni­ty of one, these four pres­i­dents coex­ist from sun­rise to sun­set with­out a flinch regard­ing their cur­rent posi­tions. Sure, they have their dif­fer­ences, but they make it work.

Bicycling copy

If you both enjoy ped­al­ing long dis­tances togeth­er, then plan a bicy­cling trip that ends with a pro­pos­al and pos­si­bly a tan­dem. Plen­ty of routes and trails exist all over the world for cyclists. Rid­ing down the west coast of the Unit­ed States presents trav­el­ers with con­stant­ly chang­ing land­scapes which include every­thing from the moun­tain­ous regions of Wash­ing­ton to the thick Red­wood forests of north­ern Cal­i­for­nia. Or, maybe a tour of Europe where the lan­guages and tra­di­tions change as fast as you two can ped­al through the bor­ders. Using the tan­dem men­tioned in the first sen­tence would be a great way to sug­gest the idea. Just roll up and say “I can’t ride this alone…”

Honey Bee Sanctuary copy

Hon­ey Bee Sanc­tu­ary
Why pro­pose at a bee sanc­tu­ary? First of all, wit­ness­ing the act of pol­li­na­tion between hon­ey bees and flow­ers pro­vides cou­ples with an exam­ple of a rela­tion­ship where both par­ties ben­e­fit. This sym­bi­ot­ic part­ner­ship shows the impor­tance of being open and recep­tive with your spouse. Hon­ey bees also demon­strate all the con­ven­tion­al qual­i­ties that main­tain strong mar­riages: com­mit­ment, famil­ial appre­ci­a­tion, home devel­op­ment, respon­si­bil­i­ty and the promise to always return after leav­ing the hive for food. Besides, they pro­duce the sweet sub­stance you and your part­ner will be exchang­ing as a term of endear­ment: Honey.

Mount Rainier copy

Mount Rainier, Wash­ing­ton
Mount Rainier presents the chal­lenge an engage­ment between climbers deserves. It will be a reward­ing expe­ri­ence where you two must depend on your strengths, and rec­og­nize each other’s weak­ness­es. Being alert, sup­port­ive and under­stand­ing in con­di­tions that change rapid­ly are qual­i­ties that will help you two reach the sum­mit with­out the rela­tion­ship erupt­ing like this stra­to­vol­cano could do at any moment.

Fireflies copy

Syn­chro­nous Fire­flies of the Great Smoky Moun­tains, Ten­nessee
Dur­ing the mid­dle of June, the forests of the Great Smoky Moun­tains in Ten­nessee become illu­mi­nat­ed by the syn­chro­nized flash­ing of fire­flies. The experts say this demon­stra­tion attracts poten­tial part­ners. With­in weeks of mat­ing, the adult cou­ples die, leav­ing a gen­er­a­tion to con­tin­ue the species. Nature can be a trag­ic direc­tor at times. Despite the Romeo and Juli­et like end­ing, fire­flies spark­ing through the warm night in search of romance may be the best light­ing a pro­pos­al could have.

New Zealand copy

Lord of the Rings Hikes in New Zealand
Let’s take this ring offer­ing where it belongs: Mid­dle Earth. Sure, hikes lead to pro­pos­al cir­cum­stances all the time, but come on, this event deserves Gandalf’s bless­ing. Imag­ine jour­ney­ing beside your part­ner through the same land­scapes where Fro­do and Sam frol­icked among fel­low hob­bits, fend­ed off Gollum’s temp­ta­tion, and bond­ed over their duties to each oth­er. It is tru­ly an epic adven­ture for two. Whether you choose to pro­pose on Mount Sun­day (Edo­ras, the cap­i­tal of Rohan) or Kaitoke Region­al Park (Riven­dell and the Fords of Isen), New Zealand pro­vides some fan­tas­tic settings.

medwt31014Pom­peii, Italy
For cou­ples with a more mor­bid sense of romance con­sid­er get­ting engaged in Pom­peii, Italy. The city remains a pop­u­lar des­ti­na­tion for those inter­est­ed in see­ing the bod­ies sealed in ash from the erup­tion of Vesu­vius. Indeed, this scene will reek of macabre to some vis­i­tors. How­ev­er, the fig­ures hud­dled togeth­er reveal a human desire for com­pan­ion­ship even as the sky black­ened with smoke and debris rained down on behold­ers. Obvi­ous­ly, some sto­ry­telling is nec­es­sary, but if you’re into the macabre, Pom­peii could be the per­fect site for your next engagement.