10 Types of Runners: Which Are You?

Some time before or after choos­ing the right race, you need to know what type of run­ner you are. The options are end­less and com­bi­na­tions do occur. Use this help­ful list to start under­stand­ing what type or run­ner you are and your run­ning rou­tine will great­ly improve.

1219067221. Audio-book Endurance Run­ner
Are your thighs sore and are you well-read in the col­lec­tion of George Orwell? The long-dis­tance, many-pages, endurance run­ner enjoys the sto­ries that good books pro­vide, but can’t sit idle long enough to soak in the scenery. If you fan­cy your­self a mul­ti­tasker and a book-worm, strap on those run­ning shoes and plug in those ear­phones; the sto­ry goes as long as you do. 

2. Speed Queen/King
Hel­lo fin­ish line. If you get off on being the first to cross it, with miles of peo­ple behind you and your legs scream­ing for mer­cy, you may be a speed Queen or King. With a steady desire and phys­i­cal prop­er­ties sim­i­lar to an ante­lope, the only glimpse you want oth­ers to have of you is the back of your sneakers.

3. Silent Med­i­ta­tor
Whether you run to get away from it all or to be a part of some­thing big­ger, if you’re lost in a peace­ful patch of thought while run­ning, you may be the silent med­i­ta­tive type of run­ner. No need to bring the head­phones when you have a deep inner-psy­che to explore. 

1688271724. Map­per
If you use any GPS track­ing sys­tems such as Map My Run, Nike +, or Garmin Fore­run­ner, you might be a map­per. You might also be able to look up how far and at what pace you ran last week, last month, or maybe the past two years. You are the per­son to look for when search­ing for good routes and clas­sic runs.

5. Trail­blaz­er
Rocks, roots, and run­ning water; it’s all part of the game. The trail­blaz­er has light­ning-fast foot reflex­es and ankles filled with lit­tle cuts and leafy abra­sions. Hav­ing fun in the mud, the trail­blaz­er does­n’t mind get­ting a lit­tle dirty as they cross creeks and jump pud­dles. If this is you, just remem­ber to wipe off before get­ting into the car.

6. Bare­foot Enthu­si­asts
You feel your body is best in tune when it’s run­ning naturally—without the hin­drance of shoes. No rub­ber tech­nol­o­gy or insole ergonom­ics can replace a nice, clean foot­fall. And you prob­a­bly have the calf mus­cles (and cal­lus­es) to prove it. Go ahead, get run­ning, feel that earth below your feet, and watch out for all patch­es of poi­son ivy. 

1670802187. Portable D.J.
Pump up the tracks and make it some­thing upbeat. You have a sound­track for epic uphills and anoth­er for marathon pur­suits. You’re a run­ning radio sta­tion. You most like­ly have a well main­tained music col­lec­tion and been caught doing karaoke on your long runs. 

8. Munchie-Munch­er
Are you well-versed in the lat­est Clif Bar selec­tion? Would you win a blind taste test of dif­fer­ent ener­gy-gels? Do you con­sid­er your post-race food choice the most impor­tant deci­sion of your day? You under­stand the anal­o­gy of  your body being a machine, and that machines run best on the best fuel source.

9. Ele­va­tion Junkie
If you enjoy start­ing and end­ing your run with a gnarly uphill you might be a chron­ic ele­va­tion con­queror. You search for that sting in your thighs, the chal­lenge at hand, and that accom­plish­ment of mak­ing it to the top. The only down­side, or upside, is that one hill is nev­er enough; there are always big­ger climbs to bag. 

10. Escaped Con­vict
I don’t know how you got your­self into this posi­tion, but if you’re an escaped con­vict you’re prob­a­bly wear­ing clothes that don’t belong to you, you are pos­si­bly imped­ed by the shack­les between your legs, and you may hear dogs in the back­ground. In any case, you bet­ter keep running.