5 Kickass Outdoor Movies and What They Teach Us About Life Outside

Movies trans­port us to anoth­er world and there’s noth­ing bet­ter than when they trans­port us to out­door worlds. Men and women test their moxy against the ele­ments, ani­mals, and their own lim­i­ta­tions. As such, we’ve cho­sen our very favorite out­door flicks and have bro­ken them down into the lessons that you’ll hope­ful­ly take away once the pop­corn is gone and the cred­its roll.









Into Thin Air

The Gist: This trag­ic film is based on the book by out­door author and adven­tur­er Jon Krakauk­er. This intense dra­ma details the events of the now infa­mous Mt. Ever­est dis­as­ter in which eight moun­taineers lost their lives and sev­er­al more were strand­ed when a sud­den storm struck the moun­tain and ren­dered the climbers helpless.

Lessons Learned:
-Always observe strict safe­ty pre­cau­tions, whether you’re climb­ing the tallest moun­tain in the world or mere­ly going for a brisk hike in the backcountry.
-Dying in the out­doors is no pic­nic. It total­ly sucks. Avoid it at all costs.

 2. The Edge

The Gist: The long and the short of this thriller is that Antho­ny Hop­kins is a gazil­lion­aire mar­ried to a much younger super mod­el who hap­pens to be hav­ing an affair with Hop­kins’ busi­ness part­ner, played by Alec Bald­win ( We don’t know what her prob­lem is because we’d take Hop­kins over Bald­win any day of the week). Whilst head­ing to a cab­in in the moun­tains, Tony and Alec crash land in the wilder­ness where they have to sur­vive by their wits and out­run a mur­der­ous bear. Lucky for Alec, Tony doesn’t go all Han­ni­bal Lecter on him, but he does out­wit him due to his com­pos­er and pri­or study of sur­vival tech­niques. Pret­ty cool, huh?

Lessons Learned:
-Don’t trust Alec Bald­win with your hot wife.
-Read­ing a sur­vival man­u­al can nev­er hurt, in fact it could just save your life.
-Com­po­sure under pres­sure can save your life in the outdoors.

3. Broke­back Mountain

The Gist: Two men fall in love and car­ry on a life­long rela­tion­ship after spend­ing a sea­son tend­ing to sheep in the moun­tains. Though this isn’t a sur­vival film by any means, it does teach us a few things about the outdoors.

Lessons Learned:
-The out­doors offers a haven and retreat for lovers.
‑Ranch­ers, herders, and those that make their liv­ing in the out­doors deserve our respect, since it’s hard work and you have to have balls of steal to win­ter camp for months.
-Jake Gyl­len­hal looks mighty fine in Wran­gler jeans.

4. Into the Wild

The Gist: Yup­py kid is dis­en­chant­ed with yup­piedom. Yup­pie kid trav­els the US and, even­tu­al­ly, decides to take his chances in the Alaskan Wilder­ness. Yup­pie kid finds an aban­doned van, uses it for shel­ter, gets hun­gry, eats some poi­so­nous fau­na. Yup­pie kid dies.

Lessons Learned:
-Yup­pie kids, and any­one with com­mon sense, require for­mal wilder­ness sur­vival train­ing before walk­ing “into the wild.”
‑Nev­er eat any­thing in nature unless  you are 110% cer­tain it won’t kill you.
-Sean Penn can actu­al­ly direct, but not as well as he can act.

5. Last of the Mohicans

 The Gist: There’s a lot going on in this film but essen­tial­ly, Daniel “ I Win Lots of Act­ing Awards” Day Lewis, some Mohi­cians, and a real­ly hot chick are all fight for sur­vival against the Indi­ans and Red­coats dur­ing the French and Indi­an War. The cin­e­matog­ra­phy is stun­ning and there’s a lot of jump­ing off water­falls and men in buck­skins. Yes, please.

Lessons Learned:
-Jump­ing off water­falls should be reserved for Daniel Day Lewis.
‑Knife fight­ing on rocks in the wilder­ness results in cer­tain death.
-We should respect the wilder­ness, its ani­mals, and its people.