5 Sexy Things Runners Do Without Realizing it


For many folks, the word ‘run­ners’ is not exact­ly syn­ony­mous with the word ‘sexy’. While sexy is a rel­a­tive term, there are some things that run­ners do that gets the blood going (or at least for oth­er run­ners). And it’s usu­al­ly the small, unas­sum­ing moments that do it.

The Fan­ny Pack
In absolute­ly no oth­er instance does a fan­ny pack have any busi­ness even being in the same para­graph as the term ‘sexy’, but the occa­sion­al instance of a run­ner accent­ing his or her hard-earned I’ve-planked-more-than-you-can-imagine-to-get-these obliques qual­i­fies the excep­tion. If you beg to dif­fer, per­haps you should work on your side planks.

The Reach Around
No, not that one. Get your mind out of the gut­ter. We’re talk­ing about when a run­ner reach­es for his water bot­tle hang­ing from the back of his belt. This move, con­sist­ing of an ever-so-slight turn at the waist (again, those obliques!) and blind reach around where a knowl­edge­able and prac­ticed hand grabs the top of the water bot­tle per­fect­ly, bring­ing it back to the front for drink­ing plea­sure. There’s def­i­nite­ly room for error in The Reach Around, but when exe­cut­ed cor­rect­ly, it’s sub­tle, effi­cient, and so hot.

Street Side Stretch­ing
Yes, oth­er sports include stretch­ing that is arguably very enjoy­able to watch, but run­ning offers a high­er chance of any ‘ol pass­er by to wit­ness this sub­tly sexy prac­tice. Rather than stretch­ing in a gym or stu­dio designed for their sport, run­ners stretch damn near any­where: you may be sit­ting at a red light and look over to see some­one grace­ful­ly arch­ing his back and forc­ing his chest for­ward while grab­bing his hands behind him to stretch his shoul­ders; or as you walk to your car after work, there is a run­ner who just fin­ished her run and is now stretch­ing her ham­string by throw­ing one straight leg up on the hood of her car; or per­haps you are out walk­ing your dog one morn­ing and catch a run­ner sit­ting at a trail­head stretch­ing his IT band by brac­ing an elbow against the inside of his knee and twist­ing hard at the waist.

Hill Climb­ing
Noth­ing show­cas­es a runner’s strength–physical and mental–like hills; they are forced up on their toes, accent­ing those chis­eled calves, the arms swing hard­er, draw­ing atten­tion to those ripped shoul­ders, the sweat starts drip­ping faster, and the breath speeds up. Ok, there are admit­ted­ly plen­ty of us who make hills look like tor­ture or the pre­lude to a heart attack, but we’ve also all seen the run­ner who makes it look good–damn good.

The Bear Pose 
You know the one: a run­ner just gave it his all and is hunched over, hold­ing his knees, and gasp­ing for breath. It’s a nat­ur­al reac­tion after just run­ning your own ass into the ground but, so long as it’s not accom­pa­nied by barf, there’s some­thing strange­ly attrac­tive about a ribcage expand­ing and shrink­ing so fast and hard; sweat drip­ping off the end of a nose point­ed at the ground; knuck­les white from brac­ing the legs; and that look on her face–under the pain is…pride. Sat­is­fac­tion. Joy!

And at the end of the day, that is what real­ly makes any runner–and person–sexy. Con­fi­dence. Whether you agree with any of the above ideas of sexy, know that con­fi­dence is a uni­ver­sal­ly attrac­tive attribute. If side planks are not going to hap­pen for you, just work on hold­ing your head high, smil­ing sin­cere­ly, and know­ing that you can rock this run! 

by Audra Run­dle