Five Stellar Skiing Spots in the American South

north carolina skiingWhen it comes to prime ski coun­try, the West and North­east states have a strong­hold on the best pow­der the coun­try has to offer. But that doesn’t mean south­ern skiers should feel left out. There are plen­ty of places to hit the slopes in the Amer­i­can South if you’re will­ing to make the trek.

Snow­shoe Moun­tain, West Virginia
The apt­ly named Snow­shoe, WV, sur­pris­ing­ly offers slopes that rival those found in the Rock­ies, when the weath­er is right. The ski­ing here can see lengthy deep days in the heart of win­ter, though the sea­son can be rel­a­tive­ly short, depend­ing on the year. With ver­ti­cal drops of up to 1,500 feet, Snow­shoe attracts sea­soned ath­letes from all over the coun­try. There are rough­ly 60 trails to choose from, one of which was designed by Olympian Jean-Claude Kil­ly. Incred­i­ble views of the moun­tains, gnarly slopes, and the chance for epic night ski­ing make it a must for ski­ing down south.

Mas­sanut­ten Resort, Virginia
While Vir­ginia has a bevy of beau­ti­ful slopes tucked away in the Blue Ridge and Alleghe­ny Moun­tains, none quite mea­sure up to the man­i­cured runs hid­den in the stun­ning Shenan­doah Val­ley. Mas­sanut­ten Resort has 14 runs, each with incred­i­ble views of the val­ley, and even a view 1,100-foot ver­ti­cal drops. If you get bored with ski­ing, the place is prac­ti­cal­ly its own amuse­ment park. The region holds tub­ing hills, ter­rain parks, and a tem­per­a­ture-con­trolled water­park great for both adults and kids.

Beech Moun­tain Resort, North Carolina
Beech Moun­tain Resort is the high­est ski area east of the Rock­ies, with a base ele­va­tion of 4,675 feet and a peak ele­va­tion of 5,506 feet. At the top of the moun­tain, you can even have a drink at a sky bar. The resort cur­rent­ly boasts 15 slopes to choose from, with dif­fi­cul­ties rang­ing from begin­ner to advanced. Most skiers out the area’s resort feel like the pri­ma­ry rea­son for spend­ing a week­end here. Beech Moun­tain has an on-site, 7,000 square-foot ice skat­ing rink, tub­ing hills with 700 foot long chutes, and plen­ty of restau­rants to keep you from dry­ing up.

Win­ter­green, Virginia
Win­ter­green might not have the largest drops in the South or even the widest vari­ety of slopes to ski, but it more than makes up for it with its con­stant­ly shift­ing lay­outs scat­tered through­out its ter­rain park. With over 40 lay­outs and obsta­cles, all offer­ing unique chal­lenges, you could spend a week here per­fect­ing your moves before tack­ling any of the 32 slopes and trails. The resort also offers the state’s largest tub­ing park, The Plunge, where you’ll find at least a dozen lanes and a 900-foot ver­ti­cal drop. It might not be the fan­ci­est place to ski on the list, but it’s one of the best places to test your freestyle skills.

Sug­ar Moun­tain, North Carolina
Sug­ar Mount is hid­den in a remote region of North Car­oli­na, but it con­tains some of the steep­est pitch­es in the South. With over 20 trails spread out over 120 acres, you won’t have any trou­ble find­ing some­thing chal­leng­ing in these moun­tains. The resort fea­tures a 1,200-foot drop, sev­en lifts, and epic slopes like Whoopdee­doo and Boul­der Dash. When you’re not ski­ing or snow­board­ing, check out the resort’s enor­mous skat­ing rink, or hit the ter­rain park to test your skills. The remote loca­tion allows you to avoid the crowds that you’ll find at the oth­er resorts on the list.