6 Camp Recipes So Easy, a Caveman Could Make Them

Caveman CampfireEvery­one knows the basics of cook­ing over a camp­fire: Go hunt up a stick and sharp­en it. Put hot dogs on the stick. Go hunt up anoth­er stick and sharp­en it. Put marsh­mal­lows on that stick. Hold them over a fire. Just like that, you’ve got din­ner and dessert. When eat­ing out­doors, the ten­den­cy is to lim­it your menu to to the basics. Nutri­tion! Fuel for your adven­ture! But giv­en the right ingre­di­ents, you can be a mas­ter of the cave­man culi­nary arts. Here are 6 recipes for every meal of the day. Now, go find that stick.

Rise & Shine Kabobs: A break­fast for campers, tail­gaters, and week­end war­riors everywhere

What You’ll Need

  •  Sticks or skewers
  •  3 man­darin oranges
  •  2 cups of pineap­ple chunks
  •  2 green peppers
  •  3 new potatoes
  •  1 pkg. of sausage links
  •  1/2cup of desired fla­vor of jel­ly, jam, pre­serves, or honey

Arrange the ingre­di­ents on the stick in what­ev­er order you wish, roll the kabobs in the jam as a kind of quick mari­nade, and cook over hot coals for about 15 min­utes or until the sausage has browned. Take care not to put the kabobs too close to the coals in your ear­ly morn­ing haze, as the fruit and veg­eta­bles will burn before the meat is fin­ished cook­ing. Serves 2–3 

Car­ni­vore Break­fast: Lots of pro­tein to jump­start your moun­tain con­quer­ing motor

What You’ll Need

  •  Sticks or skewers
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 sausage links
  • 2 strips of bacon

This is a very basic yet deli­cious break­fast. A skew­er will work much bet­ter for this one, because you’ll need some­thing as sharp and skin­ny as pos­si­ble to accom­mo­date every­thing at once and not shat­ter the eggshell. Put one end of the bacon on the sticks and skew­ers, then the sausage. Wrap the bacon around the sausage a few times a then skew­er the oth­er end at the top of the sausage link. Push the bacon-wrapped sausage down the stick or skew­er so that there is about 4–5 inch­es at the top to make room for the egg. Care­ful­ly skew­er the wide end of the egg first, and then gen­tly through the small end. Hold the skew­er so that the small end of the egg slopes down toward the ground. Some egg white will drain out and cook on the out­side of the egg, pre­vent­ing any more from drain­ing out. Cook the egg for 10–12 min­utes over hot coals, turn­ing fre­quent­ly. Cook the bacon-wrapped sausage over the coals for 5–7 min­utes or until the bacon is brown and crispy. Serves 2.

Pork Cube-Bobs: Anoth­er lunchtime take on the same ol’ shish kabo

What You’ll Need

  •  Sticks or skewers
  •  1lb pork loin
  •  2 gala apples
  •  1 green pepper
  •  1 white onion
  •  1/4 cup walnuts
  •  1/8 cup brown sugar
  •  2 tsp butter
  •  Salt to taste

Cube and salt the pork loin. Cut the onion, green pep­per, and 1.5 apples into chunks. Arrange the meat, fruit, and veg­gies on the stick or skew­er in your desired order. Chop the remain­ing apples into very small chunks (if you want to break out of cave­man char­ac­ter, you can use apple­sauce or a food proces­sor to get the itty-bit­ty apple chunks). In a bowl, melt the but­ter over the fire and stir in the small apple chunks, wal­nuts, and brown sug­ar. Pour or brush the mix­ture over the ingre­di­ents on the stick, pay­ing spe­cial atten­tion to the pork. Cook over hot coals for 6–8 min­utes, pour­ing or brush­ing the mix­ture over the kabobs and turn­ing fre­quent­ly. Serves 2–3. 

Veg­gie-Stuffed Spicy Meat­ball Subs: Quick and easy meat­ball sand­wich with a south­west­ern kick

What You’ll Need

  •  Sticks or skewers
  •  1lb ground beef
  •  2 eggs and 1/4cup crack­er or bread crumbs mixed into the ground beef before mak­ing them into balls.
  •  1 green pepper
  •  1 white onion
  •  2 jalapenos
  •  1 cup shred­ded ched­dar cheese
  •  ¼ cup salsa
  •  4 hot dog buns
  •  Chili Pow­der, salt and pep­per to taste

meatball and veggie subs

Sep­a­rate ground beef into 12 pieces and flat­ten. Chop the green pep­per and onion into fine pieces. Slice the jalapenos into 12 slices. Sprin­kle the veg­eta­bles on each of the 12 flat­tened beef pat­ties (1 jalapeno slice per pat­ty), and roll beef pat­ties around the veg­gies so that they are inside the meat­balls. Add a pinch of chili pow­der, salt and pep­per to the meat­balls and arrange them on the stick or skew­er as desired. Cook over hot coals for 10–12 min­utes or until beef is brown on the out­side and exhibits the desired done­ness on the inside. Divide 3 meat­balls up in each hot dog bun and sprin­kle with cheese. Once cheese is melt­ed, pour desired amount of sal­sa on top. This can also be made with­out the jalapenos or sal­sa for those who do not care for spicy food. Serves 2–3.

Shrimp Hobo Din­ner: A trop­i­cal upgrade on the tra­di­tion­al “hobo” din­ner. A few more ingre­di­ents than typ­i­cal­ly used around a fire, but fan­tas­tic if done right. Cave­men had alu­minum foil, right?

What You’ll Need

  • Sticks or skewers
  • Alu­minum foil
  • 1lb medi­um raw, deveined shrimp
  •  2 cups pineap­ple chunks
  •  2 cups mini marshmallows
  •  ½ cup shred­ded coconut
  •  ½ cup drained maraschi­no cherries
  •  ½ cup Clemen­tine oranges, optional
  •  ½ cup chopped man­go, optional
  •  ½ cup chopped avo­ca­do, peeled and pit­ted, optional
  •  ½ cup pineap­ple juice
  • ½ cup orange juice

Form 4–5 bowls out of the alu­minum foil, leav­ing a rolled up “han­dle” on both sides of each bowl (han­dles will lat­er be used to fas­ten the bowls to sticks or skew­ers). Place the shrimp equal­ly into each bowl, and pour ¼ cup of the pineap­ple juice and ¼ cup of the orange juice in with the shrimp. Roll up the alu­minum foil bowls into closed pack­ets, with the han­dles still stick­ing out from each side. Use the han­dles to tie the pack­ets to the sticks or skew­ers (imag­ine the bags-on-a-stick that a car­toon “hobo” carries…that’s what it should look like). Mix fruit in sep­a­rate bowl. Cook pack­ets over open flame for 3–4 min­utes or hot coals (pre­ferred) for 5–7. Cov­er hands, remove pack­ets from sticks or skew­ers, and open them. Stir in 1 cup of the mini marsh­mal­lows and ¼ cup of the coconut with the shrimp. Close and re-attach the pack­ets to the sticks or skew­ers and con­tin­ue to cook for an addi­tion­al 2 min­utes if over open flame or an addi­tion­al 4–5 min­utes if over hot coals. Make sure that all parts of the pack­et are being cooked and not just the stuff on the bot­tom. Again remove and open pack­ets with cov­ered hands, and add in the fruit, remain­ing mini marsh­mal­lows, remain­ing coconut, and remain­ing juice. Stir all con­tents togeth­er and let cool for 1–2 min­utes before serving.

More Than S’Mores: You’ve got break­fast, lunch, and din­ner ideas. Now, it’s time for the most impor­tant part of any meal…dessert. This is an incred­i­bly easy and deli­cious dessert, even if you’re cheat­ing just a lit­tle with the refrig­er­at­ed bis­cuit dough.

What You’ll Need

  •  Sticks or Skew­ers (sens­ing a theme, here?)
  •  1pkg refrig­er­at­ed bis­cuit dough (usu­al­ly 8ct)
  •  8 reg­u­lar marshmallows
  •  4pkgs of peanut but­ter cups (2ct)
  •  ¼ cup of gra­ham crack­er crumbs


Open the refrig­er­at­ed bis­cuit dough and divide up into 8 pieces. Place one peanut but­ter cup and one reg­u­lar marsh­mal­low on top of each piece, and then sprin­kle the marsh­mal­low with gra­ham crack­er crumbs. Roll the bis­cuit dough over and around the peanut but­ter cup, marsh­mal­low, and gra­ham crack­er crumbs so that they are inside of the bis­cuit dough ball. Place each ball on a skew­er or stick and cook over a low flame until the bis­cuit dough is gold­en brown. Serves 4, or 2 with a sweet tooth.