6 Fall Activities to Transition You Into Ski Season

Just because there’s no snow on the ground does­n’t mean you can’t get ready for ski sea­son. Here are six Autumn-inspired activ­i­ties that will help trans­form you into a black-dia­mond crush­ing, pow­der push­ing, ski-hill champion:

Cross Coun­try Roller Skis
Roller skis might not win you any style points but train­ing-wise, this nifty lit­tle inven­tion is sec­ond best to the real thing. Though the wheels pro­vide a slight­ly dif­fer­ent glide com­pared to tra­di­tion­al snow skis, these urban­ized cross coun­try skis will will enable you to get out and prac­tice some tech­nique, bal­ance, and touch before hit­ting the slopes or long trails. Put some time in with this, watch the video, and get over those first-run humps before the snow falls.

The all around train­ing activ­i­ty, run­ning will get you in the shape you need to fly down the slopes. For a good ski sea­son, you’ll want stur­dy-as-a-tree-trunk thighs, enough car­dio-vas­cu­lar strength to blow out your grand­ma’s 90th birth­day can­dles, and core strength that you could iron your clothes wrin­kle free with. Strap on those run­ning shoes and achieve all of this before your first ski lift.

More legs! While the roads and trails are still dry, push the ped­al around the crank and put some miles on the bike. Noth­ing will get your legs in bet­ter shape and your face ready for that brisk rush of air like a good bike ride. Going for road? Throw it in a low gear and crank away while keep­ing your focus on effi­cient use of your mus­cles. More of a moun­tain bik­ing type? Nar­row down your trail vision and get used to the total body move­ment and bal­ance that any good ski run will require.

If you’re plan­ning on spend­ing your ski sea­son at the local moun­tain, scope out the trails now that they are not cov­ered in snow. Not only will you get a fresh per­spec­tive on some of your favorite runs, but you’ll get a taste of the steep­ness and alti­tude you’ll be fac­ing come ski sea­son. Do you live in the flat lands and vaca­tion to the moun­tains? Start climb­ing stairs and breathe only through your nose to sim­u­late appro­pri­ate alti­tude change.

Gym Exer­cis­es
There are a num­ber of exer­cis­es you can do in the gym before the ski sea­son starts. You just want to remem­ber to focus on some key areas includ­ing legs (calves & thighs), core sec­tion, and upper body (shoul­ders, pecs, and biceps). Try and keep your work­outs well-round­ed and remem­ber that a lean, trim body shape will suit you bet­ter then mus­cle mass on the ski slopes. Try some calf rais­es, plank vari­a­tions, or a vari­ety of shoul­der exer­cis­es

PilatesYoga, Pilates, & Zoom­ba 
Find any exer­cise that involves total body con­trol and be ready for the hair­pin turns, the tree branch­es that come out of nowhere, and the hoards of lit­tle skiers that inevitably will cut you off down the green slopes. Find you chi by fill­ing your pre-sea­son with total body con­trol exer­cis­es and you’ll be able to respond to any obsta­cles the slopes send your way.