7 of the Best Climbing Gyms in Flat Places

If you live some­where with less ver­ti­cal topog­ra­phy, rock climb­ing might seem like a pipe dream. But, the grow­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty of indoor rock gyms means there may be a climb­ing facil­i­ty clos­er than you think. Here are some gyms in sev­er­al less­er-known climb­ing states where you can go to learn the sport or stay in shape between trips to Red Rocks, New Riv­er Gorge, or the Gunks.


Ver­ti­cal Ven­tures  |  Tam­pa, Flori­da
This gym has 6000 square feet, includ­ing boul­der­ing and top rope, and the routes are said to change fre­quent­ly. Ver­ti­cal Ven­tures has a num­ber of dis­count nights, like Ladies’ Night and Mil­i­tary Night and on Fri­days the gym is open until 12am and has a DJ. If you’re look­ing to bone up on some out­door skills, sign up for a lead climb­ing class.

Delaware Rock Gym  |  Bear, Delaware
This is the only rock gym in Delaware, but with 11,000 sq. feet, there’s enough wall space to keep any climber busy. In addi­tion to lead climb­ing class­es, the Delaware Rock Gym offers a trail climb option, which is three top-rope climbs with a staff belay­er for peo­ple curi­ous about climb­ing but unwill­ing to com­mit to the cost of gear.

Slidell Rocks  |  Slidell, Louisiana
If you’re head­ed to Louisiana for Mar­di Gras and you want to get some climb­ing in, be sure to stop by Slidell Rocks. For $9 you can boul­der, or take advan­tage of their 16 top ropes wall ($12). If you’re live in NoLa and you’re inter­est­ed in learn­ing to climb with­out break­ing the bank, you’ll be psy­ched by their low gear rental costs.


Mon­ster Moun­tain  |  Kansas City, Kansas
This gym has a bold name, con­sid­er­ing the high­est point in Kansas is called Mt. Sun­flower and tops out at 4,039′. How­ev­er, if you’re look­ing to climb in Kansas, Mon­ster Moun­tain is the place to go. The gym has near­ly 5000 square feet of ver­ti­cal space, which includes a boul­der­ing area, caves, and sev­er­al top rope walls. In addi­tion to class­es, they offer a com­pe­ti­tion sched­ule and, at $10, the price is the best on the list.

Silo Climb­ing  |  Cedar Falls, Iowa
It’s called Silo Ice Climb­ing and it’s exact­ly what it sounds like–an ice-cov­ered grain silo. The price is steep­er than a tra­di­tion­al gym ($35), but they have all the gear on hand and a warm­ing hut for drink­ing cocoa between pitch­es. Whether you’ve ice climbed before or not, you should def­i­nite­ly check this out.


Climb Iowa  |  Grimes, Iowa
I’m giv­ing you two options for Iowa sim­ply because the sec­ond is so inno­v­a­tive, but isn’t a tra­di­tion­al gym. The first is Climb Iowa, a facil­i­ty with over 200 routes and prob­lems in 10,000 square feet. In addi­tion to climb­ing, the gym has a yoga stu­dio and a fit­ness room, which is nice for peo­ple look­ing to diver­si­fy their workout.


Rock­town Climb­ing Gym  |  Okla­homa City, Okla­homa
I saved this for last because it may be the coolest gym on the list. What the state lacks in geo­log­ic height, it makes up for in indus­tri­al height. Rock­town Climb­ing Gym is no excep­tion: it’s built inside a grain ele­va­tor and uti­lizes sev­er­al silos. Some of the longest routes are 90′, but there’s also a two-pitch route (155′) and in the win­ter they put ice on the out­side of the facil­i­ty for ice climbing.