Eight Breeds for Working Women and Men

It’s a strug­gle for work­ing men and women these days; many of us are putting in 60 hour work weeks. With all that time spent out­side the house you might be wor­ried you’re neglect­ing your pet. But just because you work a lot doesn’t mean there isn’t a dog breed for you. Here are a few that are actu­al­ly per­fect for peo­ple who spend long hours away.

It’s no secret that Grey­hounds love to run, which makes them great for folks who love the out­doors, but what’s not as well-known is that at home they’re reg­u­lar couch pota­toes. They’re often rec­om­mend­ed for apart­ment dwellers due to the fact that they’re sur­pris­ing­ly docile for such large dogs. As long as you get him out in the morn­ing and evening for a good jog your pup will be per­fect­ly con­tent at home while you’re out bring­ing in the bacon.

If you’re deal­ing with pesky weight restric­tions but desire some­thing sim­i­lar to a Grey­hound, con­sid­er a Whip­pet instead. These slight­ly small­er cousins are just as avid run­ners but don’t take up quite as much room. They’re sprint­ers rather than endurance run­ners, so they’re great for short jaunts around a track or peo­ple who love obsta­cles or park­our. With prop­er dai­ly exer­cise, they’re fine spend­ing the day indoors wait­ing for you to get home.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/gowster/Bull Ter­ri­er
These squat fel­las might not have the longest legs in the bunch, but they sure do like hav­ing a good time. Bull Ter­ri­ers are known as clowns in a dog suit due to their propen­si­ty to act like goof­balls to enter­tain their friends. They’re inde­pen­dent, so don’t mind being left alone, but are also ready to go on an adven­ture at a moment’s notice. Train­ing can be a chal­lenge, but once you get it down you’ll find these pups are a joy to own.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/133374862@N02/Chow Chow
The infa­mous Chow Chow might not be the most socia­ble breed of dog, but what these guys lack in approach­a­bil­i­ty they make up for in their abil­i­ty to take care of them­selves. Wide­ly regard­ed as more cat­like in behav­ior than a dog, you’ll have no prob­lem leav­ing a Chow to do his thing at home with­out hav­ing to wor­ry about com­ing back to destruc­tion. His ener­gy lev­el isn’t exact­ly high, but you’ll still find him will­ing and able to accom­pa­ny you on long hikes as long as you pro­vide plen­ty of water and keep him cool.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/atomicf4i/Shi­ba Inu
The Shi­ba Inu is one of the most beau­ti­ful dogs out there, some­what resem­bling a fox, but with the inde­pen­dent nature of a cat. These guys are often dif­fi­cult to train due to their intel­li­gence and high ener­gy. They require a good jog in the morn­ing to keep them wound down until the evening, oth­er­wise, they’ll wreak hav­oc on your liv­ing room couch. It sounds bad, but for high ener­gy own­ers it actu­al­ly works out great because you have a run­ning bud­dy who is hap­py to get up ear­ly to run and doesn’t mind being left alone as long as he’s had his exercise.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/pato_garza/Dober­man Pinscher
The Dobie isn’t always the eas­i­est dog to train thanks to his high intel­li­gence, but he’s a lover of the great out­doors and total­ly cool with being left on his own. You can take one of these guys with you on camp­ing or hik­ing trips for days at a time or head off to work for eight hours and feel secure know­ing he won’t tear into your shoes as long as his exer­cise needs are being met. A good sol­id walk in the morn­ing, or maybe a jog, will keep him calm until you come home in the evening for round num­ber two.

The Labradoo­dle is a design­er breed that checks off all the box­es for peo­ple who work full-time but want a friend to take along on long escapades every week­end. They’re high ener­gy and easy to train, but inde­pen­dent enough that they won’t have a pan­ic attack when left alone. They love to play more than any­thing, so make sure you leave time each morn­ing for a run around the block or to play ball in the backyard.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/jonmelsa/Nor­we­gian Buhund
The Nor­we­gian Buhund is a bit of an enig­ma; they’re con­sid­ered one of the most active and tire­less breeds but are also great at being left at home alone, as long as they have some­thing to keep them focused. They love to explore the out­doors and crave direc­tion and a job to do, but they’re quite easy to train and con­tent to stay home alone dur­ing the day too. Once you’re back, though, be pre­pared to be smoth­ered with affec­tion and dragged right back out the door for a run.