8 Easy-to-Learn Modern Day Campfire Sing-Alongs

8-easy-to-learn-campfire-singalongsGath­er­ings in nature can bring a group of friends togeth­er bet­ter than any noisy house par­ty. There is some­thing about sit­ting around a camp­fire that strikes a pri­mal chord in our col­lec­tive inter­ac­tions. Here are a few mod­ern day songs that are easy to learn and should be well-known enough that most peo­ple can at least hum along while watch­ing the logs burn. There are count­less web­sites and YouTube videos that will show you how to play these songs on most any instru­ment with ease. 

There are of course many oth­er songs that would eas­i­ly fit into this cat­e­go­ry, so let us know some of your favorite out­door camp­fire sing along songs in the comments!

Hard Sun
Eddie Ved­der solid­i­fied his posi­tion in every acoustic gui­tar play­er’s reper­toire with his sound­track for the movie Into the Wild. Play­ing his songs help take us into the movie, where we can imag­ine our­selves fol­low­ing in a jour­ney to Alas­ka. (Spoil­er Alert!) Except for the part where he dies. Nev­er­the­less the song “Hard Sun” is great to sing along to, whether you’re in tune or not. It’s also sim­ple to play, with option­al com­plex­i­ties to add if you’re feel­ing like throw­ing the pinky in there once and a while.
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Wag­on Wheel
This is anoth­er sim­ple song with a repet­i­tive chord pro­gres­sion. While peo­ple often don’t know the cho­rus, it’s fun to craft your own tale along to the melody.  Then when it comes to the cho­rus, every­one can at least shout out “Hey, mama rock me”… set­ting the mood for any poten­tial glances where two inter­est­ed souls can inter­weave for the evening under the stars.
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Hey Jude 
A clas­sic melody that only the Bea­t­les could sup­ply.  The best part of this song is the cho­rus: Even the most gold­fish-mem­o­ried in your par­ty can hope­ful­ly remem­ber to repeat the word “na”.
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This is one of those songs that every­body seems to know, though none of them would admit an affec­tion for Oasis.  Or maybe it’s just real­ly fun to sing with a fake British accent.
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Burn One Down
This Ben Harp­er clas­sic has one of the eas­i­est gui­tar intros of all time, and also is the per­fect song to sing while camp­ing out in Ore­gon or Wash­ing­ton.
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Last Dance With Mary Jane
Anoth­er three-chord clas­sic with a cho­rus most can remem­ber and lyrics so straight­for­ward even the Pet­ty haters will have fun mum­bling their way through.
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Last Kiss
This song repeats the same chords through­out so is great for begin­ners who get con­fused when things change up.  It’s also great to belt out that line in the cho­rus where he sings “Oh where, oh where, could my BABY be…”
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Stand By Me
Anoth­er great cho­rus lead-in song that is easy on the gui­tar as the same chords repeat through­out.
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