10 Action Sports Athletes to Follow on Instagram

First there were mag­a­zines.  Then there were videos.  Now there is a whole new medi­um for you to see how much cool­er some­one’s life is than your own. For the voyeur in all of us is Insta­gram, one of the world’s (if not the) most pop­u­lar pho­to-shar­ing appli­ca­tions. With the abil­i­ty to fol­low any­one with­out them hav­ing to accept, it’s become a great way to get inspired by those who are at the top of their respec­tive games.

Action Sports is one indus­try that has thrived through Insta­gram. We have always sought out heroes in these sports, as they do the seem­ing­ly impos­si­ble day in and day out — and con­tin­ue to raise the bar. Now, with Insta­gram we do not have to wait for a video to be released or for a mag­a­zine to hit the stands — these ath­letes’ videos and pho­tos are post­ed as eas­i­ly as a tap on the phone.

Here are ten ath­letes you should def­i­nite­ly fol­low to keep you per­pet­u­al­ly stoked.

Alana Blan­chard (@alanarblanchard)
Alana is the poster girl for female surf­ing. She’s one of the world’s best surfers and feed does not dis­ap­point — beau­ti­ful scenery from her trav­els of a beau­ti­ful woman — as well an insid­er’s look at the life of a pro world-tour surfers.

1 alana

Travis Pas­trana (@travispastrana)
This man needs no intro­duc­tion. From motocross to stock-car rac­ing to every­thing else insan­i­ty-relat­ed, Pas­trana is the king of push­ing the lim­its. His insta­gram feed is a good mix of snap­shots into his life, vic­to­ry podi­ums, and oth­er ran­dom insights to a world-class champion.

2 travis

Marie France Roy (@mariefranceroy)
MoFo is one of the best female snow­board­ers on earth. She is a hard work­ing, hap­py-go-lucky gal who knows how to have a good time. In the off­sea­son she lives a hip­pie off-the-grid life in Uculeulet, BC. Check out her dai­ly antics and see the real belle provence.

3 marie

Kel­ly Slater (@kellyslater)
What more can be said about Kel­ly Slater that has­n’t been said already? If the point of Insta­gram is to get inspired, surfers (and sin­gle guys every­where) will appre­ci­ate a glimpse into the life of one of the longest-stand­ing super­stars in any sport, pret­ty much, ever.

4 kelly

Ryan Doyle (@Ryan_Doyle)
Park­our is still con­sid­ered a “fringe” sport but if it had an A‑list, Ryan Doyle would be at the top. This Red­bull ath­lete trav­els the world run­ning, jump­ing (fly­ing?), and flip­ping through alley­ways, over rooftops, and even wild nat­ur­al envi­ron­ments. His sta­tus as a Red­bull ath­lete means he’s get­ting the star treat­ment every­where, and by view­ing his pho­tos, you can have a glimpse at that action.

5 ryan

Jamie O’Brien (@whoisjob)
Hawai­ian pro surfer Jamie O’Brien shares every­thing from deep bar­rel shots to pho­tos of his lat­est catch. What­ev­er he shares, you can be assured that this North Shore local knows how to live life well.

6 jamie

Ryan Sheck­ler (@shecks)
He shows you any­thing and every­thing to do with life at the top of the skate­board­ing scene — par­ties, con­test vic­to­ries, smiles, and of course amaz­ing skat­ing shots. A great mixed bag of snap­shots of some­one at the top of their game.

7 ryan

Bran­don Semenuk (@brandonsemenuk)
Moun­tain Bik­ing’s heavy hit­ter is also a new web sen­sa­tion with his web series “Life Behind Bars”.  The insta­gram ver­sion of his life shows us his down­time, con­test action, and even prod­uct pre­views for next year.  Jeal­ous types should not follow. 

8 brandon

Rober­ta Man­ci­no (@mancinoroberta)
Let’s get this out of the way, right away — Rober­ta Man­ci­no is a babe.  If she were pres­i­dent, she’d be Babe-rock Oba­ma. But add in the fact that she is one of the world’s best wing­suit fly­ers who also dab­bles in free­d­iv­ing, and you have an amaz­ing set of pho­tos to admire all the time.

9 roberta

Austin Ross (@austinross88)
If you have not yet heard of Austin Ross, you will by the time you see the new Sher­pas’ Cin­e­ma mas­ter­piece “Into the Mind” this fall. And trust me, you will see it — or risk being the odd one out if you don’t. Austin absolute­ly kills any run with such con­fi­dence and poise, you’d think he grew up in the moun­tains with his mom as a ski instruc­tor. Oh, wait — that’s exact­ly what hap­pened. His Insta­gram feed is a smor­gas­board of out­door fun, from snow-capped peaks to paraglid­ing from 10,000ft in the sky.

10 austin ross