Cross Training for Any Outdoor Sport: Three Activities that Will Help You Up Your Game

Train­ing for the sport or activ­i­ty that you love is always bit­ter­sweet: On the one hand, you feel a great sense of plea­sure when you push through your wall, test your lim­its, and share your achieve­ments with friends. On the oth­er, if you don’t change up your train­ing and add vari­ety every now and again, it can become monot­o­nous. What’s more, repet­i­tive motions like run­ning, cycling, or hik­ing can seri­ous­ly wear down your joints, car­ti­lage, and even cause per­ma­nent dam­age. Whether you’re a triath­lete, moun­taineer, dis­tance run­ner, or you do it all, there are three very sim­ple activ­i­ties that will not only change up your train­ing rou­tine, but will also help you to excel and stay well for that moun­tain, run, or competition.

This low-impact car­dio­vas­cu­lar work­out will increase sta­mi­na and gives your joints a rest from the pound­ing they take dur­ing dai­ly training.

Who Should Try It:
Swim­ming is great for run­ners, moun­taineers, and cyclists because it helps to build lung capac­i­ty, endurance, and gives those knees a rest.

Stretch­ing is essen­tial for any ath­lete who wants to excel in their sport and stay healthy. Not only does it guard against injury, but it can also up your per­for­mance by help­ing you to build lean mus­cles and increas­ing flexibility.

Who Should Try It: Though good for vir­tu­al­ly ANY ath­lete, rock-climbers will find yoga very ben­e­fi­cial, as it allows your mus­cles and joints to recov­er while also pro­mot­ing flex­i­bil­i­ty so you can spread out for that crux move.

Rock Climb­ing
This activ­i­ty is excel­lent for build­ing strong, lean, mus­cle and real­ly get­ting you in touch with your body. What’s more, gyms are becom­ing so pop­u­lar that they’re spring­ing up all over the nation, so you don’t have to climb out­side to reap the ben­e­fits (though out­door climb­ing will make you one beast of an athlete).

Who Should Try It:
Moun­taineers and Triath­letes who want to build lean mus­cle and get more con­nect­ed with their bodies.

Try adding one of these activ­i­ties into your train­ing rou­tine each week and jour­nal if and how your train­ing begins to improve or becomes more enjoyable.