Dean Potter’s Walk Next to the Biggest Moon Ever

Moon­walk from Bryan Smith on Vimeo.

You’ll prob­a­bly rec­og­nize this image — if you don’t, it’s from a Nation­al Geo­graph­ic Project with Dean Pot­ter called, “The Man Who Can Fly.” But have you ever won­dered how that moon got so big?

Appar­ent­ly, it’s not actu­al­ly the true size of the moon to the naked human eye — it’s a spe­cial effect from a 1600mm lens. Not the cam­era, and not spe­cial effects added after­wards, but the lens.

Either way, the video Dean Pot­ter Moon­walk­ing was released a cou­ple weeks ago and the size of the moon just makes him look that much more rad.