Honoring Our Clymb Bike Commuters


Recent­ly the Clymb team moved our office from the Pearl Dis­trict of Port­land into Down­town. Since, we’ve all had the chal­lenge and oppor­tu­ni­ty to find ways to get to our new space. We’re stoked about the selec­tion of new lunch spots, there are food carts all over,  but try­ing to park a car in down­town Port­land is a chal­lenge,  both expen­sive and stress­ful. Since the move, a lot more of the Clymb team mem­bers have tak­en to bike com­mut­ing. Rain or shine, these two-wheeled war­riors ride into the office almost every day. In hon­or, we’re pro­fil­ing a few of our bike com­muters, each shar­ing what they like about com­mut­ing by bike.

Jeff_Clymb_BikeCommute_0070 (1)

Jeff R. — Email Mar­ket­ing Coordinator
“Bike com­mut­ing has become essen­tial to my week­ly work­out rou­tine. Rid­ing in the morn­ing gives me ener­gy to pow­er through the work­day while the trip home allows me to decom­press and reflect on the day. The best part of dai­ly rid­ing is that I allow more cheat meals and desserts. Com­mut­ing has giv­en me the free­dom to expand my work­outs out­side of the gym.” 





Karina_Clymb_BikeCommute_0116Kari­na S. — Senior Graph­ic Designer
“I’m gonna be hon­est, I’m a fair-weath­er bike com­muter, espe­cial­ly in the win­ter. Last sum­mer I used my com­mute to work to help me train for the triathlon I had com­ing up. It was a real­ly easy way to work­out, and one that fit into my nor­mal sched­ule. It gets my body mov­ing in the morn­ing, saves me mon­ey on gas, and get’s me to work just as fast!”






Kyle2_Clymb_BikeCommute_0093Kyle M. — Social & Com­mu­ni­ty Lead
“I like to go fast, feel the wind blow through my hair, and get my eyes water­ing. Bik­ing is good for the plan­et and my body, plus I dri­ve a pret­ty big camp-ready Taco­ma and it’s a great way to avoid hav­ing to dri­ve my truck around the city. It’s also the per­fect way to avoid all the frus­tra­tion that comes with morn­ing traf­fic, there’s noth­ing more sat­is­fy­ing than being able to just cruise past all the peo­ple stuck in traf­fic inside their met­al boxes.” 






Lau­ra A. — Adven­tures Pro­gram Coordinator
“Bik­ing to work has giv­en me a new per­spec­tive on com­mut­ing. My day is set up for suc­cess when it starts with a relax­ing morn­ing ride. Plus, I avoid the stress of rush-hour traf­fic and pay­ing for gas and park­ing every­day. Pro Tip: Always car­ry your rain gear. Don’t let that spring show­er catch you off guard, it’s bet­ter to  avoid show­ing up to work drenched!”