Jeremy McGhee Talks Climbing Bloody Couloir at TEDx

After a near-fatal motor­cy­cle acci­dent in 2001 left him a para­plegic, pro­fes­sion­al snow­board­er Jere­my McGhee made one of sev­er­al promis­es to him­self: I will not sit idly by!

And he has­n’t. One year after his acci­dent, McGhee was swim­ming again. Surf­ing came soon after, as did com­pet­ing in swim­ming marathons, and a return to the moun­tains he loved to ski.

This past July, McGhee shared the hard­ships he faced before tack­ling one of his most ambi­tious chal­lenges yet: climb­ing Bloody Couloir, a dan­ger­ous ski descent in the East­ern Sierras.