Kevin Pearce’s Recovery: The Crash Reel

Many of us remem­ber US cham­pi­on snow­board­er Kevin Pearce’s acci­dent in late 2009 while train­ing to com­pete against rival Shaun White in the 2010 Win­ter Olympics. Less of us may know of his tremen­dous recov­ery — going from seri­ous head trau­ma to being ready to get back on a board.

“The Crash Reel” takes a look into Pearce’s life and expos­es the some­times high price of being an extreme-action sport ath­lete while also doc­u­ment­ing his amaz­ing recov­ery. This is just one of the heart touch­ing scenes of the strug­gle that goes on in an action sports ath­lete’s head. In 2011, Pearce told Dew Tour Live that he would nev­er com­pete again.

It can be hard for peo­ple like Kevin to be put down by an injury doing what they love, but these things do hap­pen. If you have some­body close that is an extreme-ath­lete, don’t put them down, but tell them how much you care. Nobody wants to be injured, and some­times know­ing that they are loved is all they need.

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