Never Get Lost…Ever







The great thing about the out­doors is that as soon as the scenery starts to become awe­some, your phone los­es recep­tion. Iron­i­cal­ly, this what keeps many peo­ple out of the outdoors.

Well, now they have no excuse — with Moun­tain Project.


This app lets you down­load in depth maps, routes, and hi-res pho­tos for tens of thou­sands of areas on both iPhone and Android. This way, if you get lost, you can trace your steps with land­marks and pic­tures that oth­ers have tak­en before you.  But per­haps the best part is that it can be used offline. Because seri­ous­ly: what good is a topo map appli­ca­tion if there’s no inter­net signal?

It’s FREE till ear­ly 2013 so get out there and climb my friends. Just be sure that your phone is ful­ly charged before you leave.