Running Couple-Specific Problems

Couple Running

All cou­ples butt heads, have issues, or at least have the odd con­ver­sa­tion here and there that they are con­vinced most cou­ples prob­a­bly don’t have. If you’ve ever been in a rela­tion­ship, you know this is just part of the ter­ri­to­ry. When both mem­bers of a pair are run­ners, how­ev­er, you pile on a whole new lev­el of weird to the issues they reg­u­lar­ly face on top of the nor­mal cou­ple stuff.

Should you share clothes?
Well, run­ning clothes at least. Men wear tights, pink, and plen­ty of span­dex too these days, so who would blame you if you want­ed to cut down the cost of two sep­a­rate run­ning wardrobes and just com­bine them (con­sid­er­ing you are some­what sim­i­lar in size, of course). Maybe not all run­ning cou­ples will admit this, but a LOT of them share run­ning-relat­ed items beyond just gloves and socks.

Have you seen my nip­ple guards?
In most cou­ples, if this ques­tion is asked, it is by a lac­tat­ing wife. With run­ners, how­ev­er, it could just as eas­i­ly be the man too. Nip­ple guards are one of the well-kept secrets of dis­tance run­ners that the gen­er­al non-run­ning pop­u­la­tion is not privy to. Hours of fab­ric danc­ing over one’s non-sports bra-pro­tect­ed nips results in a bloody painful mess most men don’t sub­scribe to more than once.

Can/should you run togeth­er? Ever?
Odds are, you don’t run the same pace, so is some­one will­ing to slow down and stick with their part­ner? Some­times, yes, but in most cas­es only in the ini­tial few runs togeth­er when they are still try­ing to get you to like them enough to stick around. Think about it, how many mar­ried run­ners do you know who actu­al­ly train together?

Whose turn is it to sign up for a race?
Espe­cial­ly if you’re sign­ing up for a half or full marathon, the train­ing time lead­ing up to it becomes a big time-suck, mean­ing the oth­er per­son must be patient, under­stand­ing, and sup­port­ive that much longer before it’s their turn again to sign up for a race.

Shoe wars.
How many pairs of shoes a run­ner believes they real­ly need varies, but get two of them togeth­er shar­ing a clos­et and the com­par­i­son and com­pe­ti­tion is near­ly guar­an­teed. So whose turn is it, real­ly, to buy a new pair of shoes?

Injury jeal­ousy.
There are plen­ty of things that spur jeal­ousy amongst cou­ples, but only ath­letes under­stand the frus­tra­tion and jeal­ousy lev­els one feels when they are injured and must watch qui­et­ly from the couch with their ice pack while their part­ner gears up and hits the trails for a beau­ti­ful sun­set run. Watch­ing them trot hap­pi­ly away hurts in the heart right next to the spot reserved for tra­di­tion­al heart­break from breakups and whatnot.

Oh, you did NOT put my anti-chaff stick there!
Cou­ples share a lot of things, and it’s a beau­ti­ful thing. How­ev­er, anti-chaff sticks should nev­er be shared. If you’ve ever used one, you know where they may (prob­a­bly) end up, and it’s the sort of thing that should just remain personal.