Snowboarding Fads We Sort of Miss (But Not Really)

Style is a fun­ny thing. There are plen­ty of fash­ion trends and gear items asso­ci­at­ed with snow­board­ing that can (and prob­a­bly always will be) con­sid­ered time­less: pullover bean­ies, bibs, and strap bind­ings, to name a few. Then there are these gems, some of which haven’t been seen on any respectable moun­tain in more than a decade. Good rid­dance to some, but oth­ers are due for a comeback.

The Jester Hat
There’s a rea­son why eBay is one of the only places on the Web where this ultra-dat­ed head­gear is avail­able. They looked cool for about five hours in the win­ter of 1999, and a world­wide empha­sis on hel­mets has pret­ty much ren­dered them obsolete.

Bleached Blond Hair
To be clear, just about every male between the age of 16 and 30 dyed their hair blond at some point in the late 90s (Eminem deserves a lot of the cred­it), so the fad def­i­nite­ly was­n’t lim­it­ed to the moun­tain crowd. But if you rode at any point dur­ing this era, then you almost cer­tain­ly rocked the bleached blond locks.

Bugz Gog­gles
For their goofy appear­ance, these gog­gles were pret­ty legit. The dou­ble lens design pre­vent­ed fog-ups, and an adjustable nose bridge and side vents made them much more wear­able than a lot of com­pet­ing mod­els at the time (cir­ca 2001-02). If you want to give Bugz anoth­er shot, they’re still being manufactured.

Click-in Bind­ings
A few rid­ers will swear by them, but most of the snow­board­ers who first sam­pled click-in (or step-in) bind­ings when they were intro­duced in the mid-90’s found them frus­trat­ing and over­all infe­ri­or to the tra­di­tion­al strap-in mod­els. That’s why most retail­ers (includ­ing K2, Sims, and Bur­ton) sim­ply stopped mak­ing them ― but ear­li­er this year, Aus­trali­a’s Strewth Snow­board­ing intro­duced the SLS step-in/s­trap hybrid binding.

Split Fin­ger Gloves
Peo­ple raved about these when they first appeared cir­ca 2008, but they haven’t been real­ly been seen on the moun­tain (at least in large num­bers) for a few years. Inter­est­ing­ly, cyclists are start­ing to embrace the split fin­ger mod­el these days, thanks to Craft.

Wal­let Chains
No one’s say­ing wal­let chains aren’t a good mea­sure to take, but for a brief peri­od in the late 90’s, a good num­ber of rid­ers took this fash­ion state­ment a lit­tle too far. You know who you were.