Sweetgrass Productions Newest Film: Valhalla

VALHALLA: A New Film From Sweet­grass Pro­duc­tions from Sweet­grass Pro­duc­tions on Vimeo.

What goes on inside the mind of a tod­dler learn­ing to ski? Are they hav­ing fun? Are they scared? From an onlook­er’s point of view, it’s nei­ther; they look com­plete­ly apa­thet­ic, just doing what their par­ents told them to do — which was bun­dle up in mass­es of clothes, and stand on these sticks while they slide on the snow.

Val­hal­la is Sweet­grass Pro­duc­tion­s’s newest film, slat­ed for Fall 2013, about try­ing to recap­ture that emo­tion of enjoy­ing a first snow. Watch the cute lit­tle boy in the trail­er; so hap­py that he can’t help but spon­ta­neous­ly clap. First any­thing’s are momen­tous; first kiss, first time on a bike; what would it be like to recap­ture a first moment on the snow.

For those of you who remem­ber the first time ski­ing at age 3 or below, be sure to com­ment on what went on in your lit­tle mind.