The Ranger Margaret Anderson Fund: Remembering a Fallen Hero

On New Year’s Day 2012, Mount Rain­er Nation­al Park Ranger Mar­garet Ander­son was fatal­ly shot in the line of duty while respond­ing to a motorist who ille­gal­ly bypassed a snow chain check­point. 1Her killer, a men­tal­ly unsta­ble young man named Ben­jamin Colton Barnes, fled to the park after wound­ing four peo­ple at a New Year’s Eve par­ty in Seat­tle’s Sky­way neigh­bor­hood. He was car­ry­ing a small arse­nal in his vehi­cle when he encoun­tered Ander­son and opened fire on her patrol rig; author­i­ties lat­er dis­cov­ered sev­er­al firearms and a small stock­pile of ammunition.

Despite the trag­ic out­come, Ander­son­’s inter­fer­ence pre­vent­ed Barnes from gain­ing access to the more pop­u­lat­ed areas of the park, which at the time was teem­ing with hol­i­day vis­i­tors; the gun­man instead fled his vehi­cle, took refuge in the frigid wilder­ness and even­tu­al­ly suc­cumbed to the ele­ments with­out caus­ing bod­i­ly harm to any­one else. “I’m pos­i­tive she saved my life,” Mount Rainier vis­i­tor Jere­my Best told The Taco­ma News-Tri­bune in the wake of the shoot­ing, and numer­ous law enforce­ment offi­cials have com­mend­ed Ander­son for her brave actions.

Mar­garet Ander­son left behind a hus­band and two young daugh­ters. In hon­or of the fall­en ranger, the Nation­al Park Ser­vice cre­at­ed the Ranger Mar­garet Ander­son Fund; all pro­ceeds go direct­ly to her fam­i­ly. Dona­tion checks should be made out to the Mar­garet Ander­son Dona­tion Account and mailed to the fol­low­ing address:

Key Bank
Attn: The Mar­garet Ander­son Dona­tion Account
PO Box 159
Eatonville, WA 98328