The World’s Best Places to Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP)

Best Places to SUPStand up Pad­dling is mak­ing waves around the world with its pop­u­lar­i­ty amidst warm, cold, fresh and salt waters. The sport began in the 1960s with the “Beach Boys of Waiki­ki,” and nowa­days SUP has picked up speed to be one of the most pop­u­lar water sports. Pad­dlers are coast­ing around the world to say “alo­ha” or “sup” to exot­ic lands to con­nect man with water. From trop­i­cal shore­lines to moun­tain coast­lines, now is your chance to “walk on water” and view the spec­tac­u­lar scenery.

Hawaii is the place where stand up pad­dling claimed his­to­ry. Locals and trav­el­ers alike hit the ocean to glide amidst the var­i­ous island’s shore­line. The Mec­ca of SUP in Hawaii is found on the Oahu’s North Shore. Ali’I Beach is one of the most pop­u­lar pad­dling spots, which fea­ture calm, crys­tal blue waters. The pro­tect­ed bay region is locat­ed on the south end of the beach and is great for novice SUP and swimmers.

The Bahamas fea­tures near 120 miles of shore­line and chains of islands. The calm, clear and trop­i­cal waters fea­ture stun­ning views of reefs and marine life. An ide­al SUP spot is Aba­cos, to get the full-on marine and beach experience.

Seat­tle, Washington
Lattes by morn­ing. Stand up pad­dling by day. Salmon din­ner by night. Sounds great, huh? The con­crete jun­gle is sit­u­at­ed amidst pools of water and fea­tures many SUP des­ti­na­tions. Lake Union, Shis­hole Bay, Green Lake, Lake Wash­ing­ton, and Elliot Bay are pop­u­lar with pad­dlers. Explor­ing Seat­tle on the water is the new trend and the most ide­al way to expe­ri­ence the Pacif­ic North­west. Novice pad­dlers should be com­fort­able on the board before pad­dling on the Puget Sound, espe­cial­ly on strong cur­rent days.

Cos­ta Rica
SUP is pick­ing up momen­tum fast in this Cen­tral Amer­i­ca coun­try. The warm water and air tem­per­a­ture lingers around 85 degrees and is great for those who pur­pose­ful­ly want to splash into the water. An ide­al loca­tion for calm waters and exot­ic sea life is Playa Dan­ta in the Gua­nacaste region.

Whistler, Cana­da
Yes, Cana­da fea­tures more than moun­tains, ski­ing, and bears. Whistler is now a water sports des­ti­na­tion where pad­dlers explore the cool pools of Alta Lake and Alpha Lake. There is no oth­er breath­tak­ing water view in this world than the Cana­di­an Rocky Mountains.

India is a hid­den gem for pad­dlers. Explore the qui­et and ancient east shore waters as you pad­dle with Surf­ing Yogis. Locat­ed on the Bay of Ben­gal, their hot spots for SUP are Kushavadra Riv­er and Chi­li­ka Lake. Surf­ing Yogis also fea­ture an annu­al Surf Fes­ti­val and SUP lessons for the novice. West­ern­ers and locals alike flock here for one rea­son – to explore the majes­tic Indi­an waters. And did we for­get to men­tion that this Cos­mic beach also fea­tures an art retreat and Full Moon Bloom?

The pop­u­lar SUP and SUP yoga des­ti­na­tion has pad­dlers hit­ting the water hard from San­ta Bar­bara to Redon­do Beach to San Diego. Pret­ty much up and down the coast pad­dlers enjoy the beau­ti­ful Pacif­ic waters in the attrac­tive Cal­i­forn­ian weather.

Bora Bora, Tahiti
Tahi­ti def­i­nite­ly makes the list with the silky smooth calm, turquoise lagoon waters. What’s unique here is that pad­dlers can snorkel or swim right off the board with­out wor­ry­ing about rough waves. Say hel­lo to tur­tles, fish, reefs or dol­phins, if you are lucky.  Tahit­ian waters may be the purest and beau­ti­ful SUP des­ti­na­tion in the world.