Travel Journal: Clymb Does Everest


Lau­ra Ather­ton- Senior Pro­gram Coor­di­na­tor Adventures
Kari­na Sal­ga­do – Brand Design Manager
Both gen­uine Ore­go­ni­ans, Kari­na was born and raised in Med­ford and Lau­ra in Port­land. They both enjoy snow­board­ing, back­pack­ing, and of course, long treks in the Himalayas.
Pho­tog­ra­phy & Sto­ry by Lau­ra Ather­ton and Kari­na Salgado


Why Ever­est?
Lau­ra- The moun­tains have always fas­ci­nat­ed me. The ways in which peo­ple climb them, the endurance & train­ing it takes to get there, and the feel­ing of stand­ing at the sum­mit is incom­pa­ra­ble to any oth­er goal I’ve attained. In the past sev­er­al years, I’ve checked off sev­er­al North­west peaks, how­ev­er, noth­ing com­pares to the mag­ni­tude of hik­ing in the Himalayas. Beyond the sheer size of the moun­tains, there is an intrigu­ing his­to­ry and cul­ture around climb­ing Ever­est that has always drawn me in.

Kari­na- The love for trav­el and new expe­ri­ences- it’s always spe­cial to learn and expe­ri­ence new coun­tries and cul­tures, from the peo­ple, to their tra­di­tions and cus­toms, to their food. The extra part for me was that I was enter­ing into the unknown phys­i­cal­ly and men­tal­ly. Putting aside day hikes, apart from a cou­ple short and easy back­pack­ing trips and a stint up Rainier that def­i­nite­ly pushed me to my lim­its, I had nev­er done any­thing like this, and while I was fair­ly con­fi­dent that I could do this trip, I still wasn’t sure how I’d han­dle every­thing- the chal­lenge was a big draw, and the poten­tial to suc­ceed and grow.


Pack­ing List
The weath­er var­ied dras­ti­cal­ly as we hiked from Luk­la at 9,383′ to Ever­est Base Camp at 17,600′. It was crit­i­cal to always pack in lay­ers and be ready for any temperature.Gear we could not live with­out includ­ed a spa­cious and well-fit­ted day­pack with many eas­i­ly acces­si­ble pock­ets to hold the essen­tials like snacks, water bot­tles, sun­glass­es, sun­screen, and extra layers.


In order to reduce our impact on the trail and save mon­ey, we opt­ed to fil­ter our water. Steri-pens and Sawyer back­pack­ing water fil­ters were our best fiends as we aimed to drink a min­i­mum of 96 oz. per day.

A water bot­tle is not only your friend dur­ing the day, but at night I’d fill it up with hot water and hold it in my sleep­ing bag with me for extra warmth. (Thanks Michelle for teach­ing me that one!)


Trip High­lights
The pin­na­cle of the trip was reach­ing Ever­est Base Camp and Kala Patthar. Start­ing out in low-lying forest­ed vil­lages, we saw the land­scape dra­mat­i­cal­ly change the high­er we trekked. Upon reach­ing EBC, we were sur­round­ed by a des­o­late land­scape of rock and ice.We were proud of how far we had trekked to be gaz­ing up at Ever­est from the bot­tom of the mountain.

The trek in gen­er­al was a tru­ly amaz­ing expe­ri­ence. The morn­ing we ascend­ed to EBC in par­tic­u­lar — we start­ed our day ear­ly, it was that time in the morn­ing that holds unpar­al­leled peace, one of the few times when it felt real­ly remote.


What Made This Trip So Special?
We got to con­nect with some many peo­ple from all over the world, and the over­all sense of accom­plish­ment we had at the end. We hiked most days but still had the after­noons and evenings free. Every­one would hud­dle around the com­mon area of the guest­hous­es to share meals, read, play games, and pass time togeth­er. We quick­ly picked up the card game, Dum­b­al, a fast-paced game that every­one knew from porters, guides, cooks, and guest­house staff. It was an amaz­ing way to be able to con­nect with every­one, even if we did not speak the same language.


Where do you want to go next?
Lau­ra- I’m always schem­ing and dream­ing my next adven­ture. I’m plan­ning on going to Ice­land in the spring to cir­cum­nav­i­gate the island, some moun­tain bik­ing and sum­mer climb­ing in the Pacif­ic North­west, and hope­ful­ly Kil­i­man­jaro in the fall.

Kari­na- I might join Lau­ra in Ice­land or Kil­i­man­jaro, but I have also been dream­ing of a warm beach and some smooth waves to surf. Until then, its most­ly snow­board­ing in my near future.

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