You Should Try Tandem

tandemYou’d look sweet upon the seat of a bicy­cle made for two. Ever thought about it? Maybe you don’t have the access or the desire to own a tan­dem bike of your own, but I think you owe it to your­self to mosey on down to your local bike rental shop and give one of these babies a go. It’s even bet­ter than you would think.

Team Build­ing
Once you get going, it’s easy to keep going, but it takes some team­work and trust to start the bike. When you’re in the back of the tan­dem, it is also a lit­tle hard­er to see where you’re going, and you some­times have no con­trol over when you stop or your nav­i­ga­tion. Just like a rela­tion­ship, it can be a lit­tle awk­ward at first, but once you fig­ure out how you and your tan­dem part­ner work togeth­er, it gets more com­fort­able every time.

Love the conversation

Have you ever want­ed to say some­thing to some­one you’re bik­ing with, but they just can’t hear you? Or you want to say some­thing pri­vate to some­one you’re on a date with, like how cute their butt is while they ride a bike, but you don’t want every­one around you includ­ing the lit­tle kids with their par­ents, to hear it? Well say no more, the tan­dem bike is per­fect for that. You’re close enough to the per­son you’re rid­ing with to say pret­ty much what­ev­er you want and real­ly share your rid­ing experience.

Share the workShare the work
Unless you’re a masochist, hills suck on a bike.  But on a tan­dem bike, the work is shared between two peo­ple.  Have you dreamed of singing up hills and bare­ly break­ing a sweat on your com­mute? Tan­dem bik­ing is for you.

Stick together
Safe­ty first! Birds of a feath­er stick togeth­er! Keep a bud­dy! …All that jazz. It’s impos­si­ble (try to prove me wrong) to lose your group while you’re on a tan­dem bike. This can be real­ly use­ful for fam­i­lies with young chil­dren who like to go on bike rides. If you’re wor­ried about get­ting sep­a­rat­ed, tan­dem is the per­fect solution.

Ride in style
Have I men­tioned the end­less com­pli­ments you get while rid­ing a tan­dem? Some peo­ple smile, some peo­ple laugh, but real­ly, it’s all in good nature. And if peo­ple DO make fun of you, it’s out of jeal­ousy. Tan­dem bik­ing is by nature, awe­some. It IS hilar­i­ous, fun­ny, and fun. Give it a shot and I’m sure you will love it and want to share it with your friends too.

If you’re scratch­ing your head at this point and won­der­ing where to even start or what brand to get, Co-Motion and San­tana tandems are real­ly the bees knees. They’re going to cost you a pret­ty pen­ny, but they are seri­ous­ly qual­i­ty machines. Can­non­dale and Trek also man­u­fac­ture some of these beau­ties, but it is nev­er a bad idea to look for one used. Or even, just bor­row one for the day to see if you like it; check out your local bike rental direc­to­ry: and don’t for­get to wear a helmet!