7 Movies to Skip Before Your Next Outdoor Adventure

7 Movies to Skip Before Your Next Outdoor Adventure

When cre­at­ing a pre-out­door-adven­ture to-do list, here’s an item to leave off: watch­ing a hor­ror flick. Regard­less of the strength of your stom­ach, there are cer­tain movies you just shouldn’t watch before putting your­self in places sim­i­lar to in the movies—deep in the woods, in remote parts of the coun­try, far away from civilization—performing activ­i­ties sim­i­lar to what the char­ac­ters set out to do—hiking, camp­ing, bik­ing, kayak­ing, etc.

If you’re not sure, here are some such movies it’s just best to avoid:

The Blair Witch Project
Ever fright­ened by the idea of get­ting lost in the woods? Don’t watch this before your next camp­ing trip then. The plot is basi­cal­ly this: three film stu­dents set out to record a doc­u­men­tary about a local leg­end of the Blair Witch. They don’t return and their footage is found a year lat­er and made into a “doc­u­men­tary.”

When in doubt, get the hell out if you hear news of a giant griz­zly bear attack­ing folks. Seri­ous­ly, just get out of there. Bet­ter yet, don’t go in the first place and just stay home. Which is exact­ly what a view­ing of Griz­zly will make you want to do. And then, when you’re at your camp­site any­way (because of course you’re not going to stay home just because a hor­ri­fy­ing movie), you’ll be up all night wor­ry­ing about said nonex­is­tent griz­zly. So just don’t watch it.

The Hills Have Eyes
Chances are the locals of wher­ev­er you’re head­ed aren’t crazy, can­ni­bal­is­tic psy­chos who’ll hunt your fam­i­ly and friends and try to eat you. But just in case, pack your Ger­man shep­herd. Or, you know, don’t watch The Hills Have Eyes so you can be vio­lent-hill-peo­ple worry-free.

The Descent
Head­ed to go spelunk­ing? Don’t, for the love of all that is holy, watch The Descent. If you do, you’ll just be head­ing into a deep, dark cave with a crip­pling fear of every­thing going wrong—injuries, falls, fail­ing equipment—and the zom­bie-like crea­tures that live under­ground and prey on the ladies in this film.

Cab­in Fever
It’s hard to say what’s scari­er in Cab­in Fever: the flesh-eat­ing virus that attacks the five col­lege grads rent­ing a cab­in, or the hor­ri­fy­ing homi­ci­dal locals? But with a choice like this, the answer is strik­ing­ly clear: just steer clear of this one before your next trip, espe­cial­ly if your trip includes rent­ing a cabin.

Open Water
Head­ing out on a snor­kel­ing trip any­time soon? Skip Open Water. What makes this film so hor­ri­fy­ing is that it’s based on a true sto­ry. Yes, an Amer­i­can cou­ple dis­ap­peared off the Great Bar­ri­er Reef in 1998 after a div­ing com­pa­ny acci­den­tal­ly left them behind in shark-infest­ed waters. This film cap­tures the phys­i­cal and psy­cho­log­i­cal tor­ment all too well and it’s sim­ply terrifying.

Fri­day the 13th
Campers can just skip this entire fran­chise. Seri­ous­ly: don’t watch any of these twelve slash­er films before you go. Each film is about the alleged curse at Camp Crys­tal Lake and the mass mur­ders that hap­pen there. If you want to sleep easy in your tent, the images in these movies are best saved for anoth­er time.