The Eight Best Islands for Rock Climbing

After a long day of rock climb­ing, it’s nice to sit back and relax. But, rather than reclin­ing in a tent or a bor­ing bar some­where, wouldn’t you rather kick back on the beach?  You can feel the sand under your feet and lis­ten to the waves lap­ping up to the shore.  The lit­tle umbrel­la in your drink can serve as a tro­phy to cel­e­brate your vic­to­ries of the day.


Kalym­nos, Greece
This island is locat­ed in the south­east­ern area of the Aegean Sea.  It belongs to Greece, but it prac­ti­cal­ly kiss­es Turkey, so you’ll have inter­na­tion­al views sur­round­ing you!  The island knows the val­ue of its crags, so it puts a lot of effort into build­ing a climb­ing cul­ture.  The cli­mate allows for year-round adven­tures, but it gets crowd­ed when there’s a climb­ing fes­ti­val going on.


The island nation off the south­east coast of Africa is famous for more than just an ani­mat­ed film.  One of the most impres­sive spots for scal­ing some rock is at the Tsara­noro Mas­sif.  This giant body of rock is the high­est point of the island, and there are some pret­ty extreme routes up a straight rock face.

Cay­man Brac, Cay­man Islands
The Cay­man Islands are often over­looked as beau­ti­ful Car­ribean Islands and thought of more as tax havens for the super-rich.  How­ev­er, one of the three islands, Cay­man­Brac, has a lime­stone out­crop­ping run­ning along the coast.  With heights up to 140 feet, you can have some great climb­ing views right after you stash all of your money.


Lofoten Islands, Norway
These islands are with­in the Arc­tic Cir­cle, but that doesn’t make them as cold as you might expect.  Plus, the north­ern loca­tion allows for 24-hour sun­light in the sum­mer­time so you can do out­door activ­i­ties around the clock.  There are some very pic­turesque fish­ing vil­lages that you can use as a home base while explor­ing the var­i­ous islands.


Tener­ife, Canary Islands
Sit­ting off the north­west­ern coast of Africa and liv­ing under Span­ish rule, the Canary Islands are a pop­u­lar tourist des­ti­na­tion.  Tener­ife is the largest of the group of sev­en and is known for its nat­ur­al beau­ty.  The vol­canic rock for­ma­tions get a lot of usages, so you’ll find plen­ty of bolts to help you along.



New Zealand
If you’re any lev­el of rock climber, you don’t need to be told that New Zealand has some of the great­est moun­tains on the plan­et.  Even though it’s a lit­tle larg­er than the rest of this list, it seemed like a crime to leave it off.  Just know that if you ven­ture to this cor­ner of the world, the jagged peaks will take care of all your adren­a­line needs.


Ton­sai, Thailand
The Kra­bi sec­tion of Thai­land might be one of the biggest tourist des­ti­na­tions in South­east Asia, but it’s worth it for what it offers.  Once you see the lime­stone cliffs jut­ting up from the beau­ti­ful Ton­sai Beach, you’ll real­ize you’re in par­adise and enjoy the views of blue water from the side of the walls.

Van­cou­ver Island
To hit a loca­tion clos­er to North Amer­i­ca, don’t over­look what Van­cou­ver Island has to offer.  Although it isn’t the most exot­ic of islands, it still has plen­ty of peaks to tack­le.  Also, rocks form a jagged spine along the island, and there are hun­dreds of pre-set climb­ing routes to follow.