The World’s Best Bike Parks


Moun­tain bik­ing con­tin­ues to see a con­stant evo­lu­tion in its def­i­n­i­tion. Only a few short years ago, the con­cept of “slopestyle” on a moun­tain bike was only known to a few crazy rid­ers and trail builders. Today, events such as Crankworx con­tin­ue to push the sport for­ward into one of the world’s most excit­ing spec­ta­tor sports. The boom in pop­u­lar­i­ty is large­ly due to the increased expo­sure of bike parks. These parks are pro­fes­sion­al­ly designed and main­tained, and usu­al­ly con­tain some sort of ver­ti­cal boost such as a chair­lift to whisk bik­ers up the moun­tain. The parks tend to pop up at ski resorts. It’s pret­ty obvi­ous why: moun­tain resorts already have the infra­struc­ture, aren’t doing much in sum­mer­time, and usu­al­ly have an army of ready employ­ees look­ing for sum­mer­time work.

Here is a roundup of the world’s top bike parks. This is one man’s opin­ion, so if I left out your favorite bike park please let us know in the com­ments. Hap­py riding!

Les Gets, France
This area attracts a wide vari­ety of rid­ers, from begin­ner to extreme. Like most bike parks there is some­thing for every­one, but the ease of pro­gres­sion here is large, due in part to the huge invest­ment the devel­op­ers make year after year.

Les 2 Alpes, France
The site of Crankworx Europe, Les Deux Alpes has tow­er­ing alpine mono­liths all around, giv­ing this park the hon­or of one of the most scenic on earth.

Angel Fire, NM
If you like every­thing in one nice, neat, orga­nized pack­age, Angel Fire is for you. With some amaz­ing­ly con­sis­tent weath­er, this resort is one that will rarely get mud­dy, leav­ing you with more days in the sun. Recent years have seen a huge push in trail devel­op­ment. The resort has only one lift, but that just makes every­thing much more man­age­able. Throw in the fact that it sits well off the beat­en path and this resort is well suit­ed to be that hid­den gem that you (don’t) tell your friends about.

Queen­stown, New Zealand
When the snow starts falling in the North­ern hemi­sphere, the bike park in Queen­stown is just get­ting going. Hav­ing only opened it’s trails in Sep­tem­ber 2011, this park is young but fast gain­ing a rep­u­ta­tion as one of the best bike parks in the south­ern hemi­sphere, and the only one with gondola-access.

Eagle Bike Park, Eagle, ID
This park may not be big, or intense­ly gnarly, or any­thing like that. What gives it the nod on this list is that it’s a com­mu­ni­ty effort. Local rid­ers got togeth­er to peti­tion the city coun­cil to build a bike park. They raised the mon­ey and employed a con­trac­tor to get it going. What result­ed was a free-to-use park on com­mu­ni­ty land. The Eagle Bike Park has helped pave the way for oth­er com­mu­ni­ty-owned bike parks, giv­ing hope to moun­tain bik­ers every­where and prov­ing that you don’t need to be a lav­ish resort to have some real­ly fun trails.

Whistler, BC, Cana­da
No list is com­plete with­out the recog­ni­tion of the Whistler Bike Park. It is with­out a doubt the best in the world, and the stan­dard at which all oth­er bike parks are set. It may have not been the first, but the efforts of the resort quick­ly pro­pelled it to become the Mec­ca of Moun­tain Bik­ing. It’s flag­ship event Crankworx has become the go-to Moun­tain Bike fes­ti­val of sum­mer. The slopestyle for­mat was pio­neered here, and con­tin­ues to push the bound­aries with every iter­a­tion, now known as the Red Bull Joyride. No pro­fes­sion­al Moun­tain Bike career can hap­pen with­out a few stops in Whistler. And for every aspir­ing down­hill moun­tain bik­er, you have to see it to believe it. Or I should say, you should ride it to believe it! What are some of your favorite parks that we missed? Let us know!