Five Advantages to Morning Running

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Run­ners are unique for many rea­sons, but their ten­den­cy to prac­tice their sport at ungod­ly ear­ly hours is cer­tain­ly one of them. We’ve all seen them bounc­ing along side­walks and trails in the ear­ly morn­ing dusk, but what exact­ly is it that gets these folks out of bed when it’s still dark? In all hon­esty, there are some great perks to ear­ly morn­ing running.

No sched­ul­ing conflicts
Although after­noon or evening runs allow you time to wake up and get men­tal­ly stim­u­lat­ed on your own, it also involves sched­ul­ing your day, meals, and show­er times around that run. This also means you’re more like­ly to end up ditch­ing your run for some­thing – any­thing – that sounds more entic­ing. Even if you’re the ultra-ded­i­cat­ed run­ner who won’t skip a work­out for just any­thing, unfore­seen sched­ul­ing changes and con­flicts hap­pen all the time and may make the unfor­tu­nate deci­sion for you. Wak­ing up and run­ning gets the work­out over pos­si­bly before your mind is even ful­ly aware that it’s awake, let alone exer­cis­ing. Kind of a win-win, actually.

Morn­ing hang­over cure
We’re not nec­es­sar­i­ly talk­ing actu­al hang­overs but those morn­ings where it’s equal­ly as hard to drag your butt out of bed than if you had enjoyed a few too many the night before. Those near­ly painful morn­ings can only ben­e­fit from a run. Although it will like­ly be the last thing you want to do, if you can muster up the willpow­er to get dressed and get your feet out the door, you’ll thank your­self the rest of the day. The fresh crisp air, move­ment, and extra blood flow will quick­ly warm up your body and sens­es, leav­ing you ready to tack­le the day.











The View
No mat­ter the cli­mate, every­thing takes on breath­tak­ing beau­ty in the warm hues sur­round­ing a sun­rise; the trees glis­ten with due, the sand glows pink­ish-orange, and the snow actu­al­ly sparkles. It’s like run­ning through a paint­ing or a Dis­ney movie. Tak­ing those miles to recon­nect with your nat­ur­al sur­round­ings has a rein­vig­o­rat­ing effect, mak­ing the work com­mute and desk life all the more bearable.

Bet­ter air
Seri­ous­ly! The air is not only cool­er and more com­fort­able for run­ning in the morn­ing, but it also holds less pol­lu­tion because the morn­ing com­muters haven’t mud­dled it up with their car exhaust yet. Any­one who has had to run through a cloud of car exhaust knows that avoid­ing that chok­ing haz­ard is worth the effort of wak­ing up a bit earlier.

Eat more, feel better
Exer­cis­ing soon after wak­ing up gives your metab­o­lism the swift kick in the butt it some­times needs. Odds are, you will not only remem­ber to eat break­fast before head­ing off to work, but it will taste remark­ably bet­ter than if you had sim­ply crammed a burned bagel in your pie hole between sips of luke­warm cof­fee while sit­ting in traf­fic on your way to work.

In all hon­esty, the only good argu­ment against morn­ing run­ning is that it involves vol­un­tar­i­ly leav­ing the com­fort of your warm cozy bed and an extra hour of sleep. Although that is cer­tain­ly a con­vinc­ing argu­ment, the mul­ti­ple ben­e­fits of fol­low­ing through and get­ting in an ear­ly morn­ing run still win out. Few peo­ple can come back from a few miles in the morn­ing and truth­ful­ly admit that they don’t feel bet­ter for it.