Black Diamond Verdict Ski: The All-Terrain Slayer

black-diamond-verdict-vertical2The ver­dict is in: This is one of the best all-ter­rain skis on the mar­ket. You’ll be see­ing badass skiers rock­ing them from the Adiron­dacks to the Tetons, on the resort and in the backcountry.

The rea­son is sim­ple. Their 3D Met­al Sand­wich con­struc­tion com­bines ter­rain-absorb­ing damp­ness with stiff ribs to bust through pow­der, groomers, and weird sun-cupped crud. With over 100mm of full-cam­bered waist under­foot, you’ll be able lock into pow­er­ful turns and hold that edge when you need it the most – if you’re in a no-fall zone chute or to avoid the snow­board­er that just cut you off.

The one place these skis don’t out­shine all the oth­ers is in the park. They can han­dle it, but it’s like dri­ving a Hum­mer in the city. They’re too jam-packed with fea­tures to unlock your freerid­ing poten­tial to waste sole­ly on groomers in bounds. Strap them to your pack and take them out to where the crowds don’t ven­ture and you’ll appre­ci­ate that they weigh less than 10 pounds. 

There’s no stop­ping what these skis can do. 

Any con­di­tions. Any ter­rain. And a rock-bot­tom price.

Your choice in skis this win­ter has nev­er been so easy: The Black Dia­mond Ver­dict Ski.

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