Adidas Footwear & Apparel, Rhythm Apparel, & More

Wel­come back, Clym­bers. Today we’re fea­tur­ing some killer deals on footwear and appar­el from a brand that’s con­sid­ered an old stan­dard and appar­el from a new­er brand with a fresh voice. Mix it up and enjoy.

Here’s what we’ve got on the docket:

adi­das: adi­das has come a long way since 1949, when founder Adi Dassler reg­is­tered the com­pa­ny under its first offi­cial name, “Adolf Dassler adi­das Sports­chuh­fab­rik.” Today, adi­das is a glob­al­ly rec­og­nized name in sports­wear, design­ing spe­cial­ty per­for­mance prod­ucts for almost every game peo­ple play. When it launched adi­das Out­door, the com­pa­ny brought on a team of out­door indus­try design, prod­uct, and mate­ri­als experts. Their skills, com­bined with adi­das resources and tech­nol­o­gy, result­ed in sev­er­al lines of tech­ni­cal footwear and appar­el that is giv­ing the out­door indus­try main­stay brands a run for their mon­ey. Good show, adi­das. See what the buzz is all about with Men’s and Women’s adi­das footwear and appar­el, on sale now at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Rhythm: The rhythm of the waves. The rhythm of the snow. The rhythm of the road. There’s a rhythm to every ride—and every rid­er. What’s your rhythm sound like? Rhythm speaks to surfers, skate­board­ers, and snow­board­ers who still regard the art of rid­ing as cre­ative self-expres­sion, who yearn for new fron­tiers over the well-worn path. Cel­e­brate your rhythm today with Men’s Rhythm tech­ni­cal and lifestyle appar­el, on sale today at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

DAS BOOT: A Sib­ling Rival­ry—Did you know? Adidas—or more accu­rate­ly, the com­pa­ny that would lat­er become adidas—was orig­i­nal­ly run by two broth­ers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. The two were both good work­ers with strong ideas but they didn’t see eye to eye in busi­ness. So they split. Adolf went on to found adi­das, while his broth­er, Rudolf, lat­er estab­lished Puma, one of adidas’s biggest rivals to this day. The com­pa­nies are head­quar­tered across the Aurach Riv­er from one anoth­er in Her­zo­ge­nau­rach, West Ger­many, where the broth­ers grew up.