Backcountry Ski Event

Today is a his­toric day for us here at the Clymb! We are doing our first “theme” brand event. The idea is kind of like those dances you used to go when grow­ing up and every­one dressed up to fol­low the theme. So what that means is that every­one here at the Clymb has to dress up when this brand event starts. I am hop­ing the theme is “favorite char­ac­ter from Silence of the Lambs”.

(Appar­ent­ly I did­n’t read my e‑mail close­ly this week.)

Actu­al­ly our “theme” events are going to be mul­ti­ple gear man­u­fac­tur­ers that make equip­ment that you would use around an out­door activ­i­ty. Our first themed event is… Back­coun­try Ski­ing. Today we are going to offer up gear that you would use for back­coun­try ski­ing includ­ing sav­ings up to 50% off of Gar­mont Ski Boots and sav­ings up to 55% off of poles and packs from LIFE-LINK.

We hope to roll out more of these types of events in the future. Let us know what you think about this concept!

To get you excit­ed about some back­coun­try ski­ing I came across this video that I want­ed to share.

As always this is a mem­bers only event. If you would like a mem­ber­ship to the Clymb reach out to us on Face­book or Tweet us. This event runs until Sat­ur­day at 9am PST.