Billabong Apparel, Load Up: Packs, Bags, & Luggage, & More

Cred­it: Camelbak

Wel­come back, Clym­bers. We trust your week­end wrapped up well. Today’s event will help you get the week start­ed on a pos­i­tive note. For the first time ever at The Clymb, we’re excit­ed to be bring­ing you Bill­abong. And the col­lec­tion isn’t what you expect from the Aus­tralian brand. Inter­est­ing, right? Don’t miss out on this one, Clym­bers. We’ve also got a mas­sive selec­tion of bags, packs, and lug­gage. Don’t drag your feet or you’ll be drag­ging what­ev­er you need to haul in your pillowcase.

Fresh on the menu today:

Bill­abong: Bill­abong cre­ates a lot more than just the surf appar­el that made it famous. Enjoy this unique col­lec­tion, which fea­tures Men’s jack­ets, but­ton-ups, and more from one of the most influ­en­tial brands to come from the land down under. Click through now for mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing on Billabong.

Load Up: Packs, Bags, & Lug­gage: Some days, you only need to car­ry a sand­wich down the trail. Oth­ers, you have to pack enough Hawai­ian shirts and bot­tles of rum for an ill-fat­ed three-hour tour. This col­lec­tion will enable you to haul it all in style. We’ve got a huge selec­tion of hydra­tion packs, lug­gage, and more. Don’t hes­i­tate on this one or you’ll be back to stuff­ing it all in your pil­low­cas­es. Click through now for mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing on this event.

There’s Still Time! Don’t Miss:

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Blood Bank: Did you Know? On May 21 (that’s today!), 1881, Clara Bar­ton and Adol­phus Solomon found­ed the Amer­i­can Red Cross. You can cel­e­brate the orga­ni­za­tion’s birth­day this week by stop­ping by a dona­tion cen­ter. Those of you need­ing more moti­va­tion than cheap thrills and a free bag of chips to get over your squea­mish­ness about donat­ing might con­sid­er this: Blood can’t be man­u­fac­tured. It can only come from donors. And every two sec­onds, some­one in the U.S. needs blood. (The aver­age car acci­dent vic­tim needs a whop­ping 100 pints.) They’ll only drain about a pint from you if you donate, which isn’t a lot more than what you prob­a­bly lost the last time you plant­ed your face into the sin­gle track.