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CytoSport: You should strug­gle to achieve your fit­ness goals, not to choke down your fuel. Mak­ers of pop­u­lar nutri­tion­al prod­ucts such as Cytomax and Mus­cle Milk, CytoSport is the lead­ing name in ath­let­ic per­for­mance fuel. Pop­u­lar for a rea­son, their prod­ucts taste good and they work! Click through to check out our selection.

Nikwax: Out­door gear falls into one of two cat­e­gories: brand spankin’ new or dirty. And if it’s not water­proof you can often change the sec­ond cat­e­go­ry to just plain rank. Do your­self a favor and pick up a bot­tle of Nikwax clean­ing and water­proof­ing prod­ucts before it’s too late.

Tri Sup­plies: The gun fires. Ahead lies the course: some 25 kilo­me­ters of pain that must be over­come by foot and arm and bike. Behind, the com­pe­ti­tion is clos­ing the gap. Maybe it wasn’t such a good deci­sion to wear a track­suit. Don’t let night­mare gear turn into a rude wake­up call in the midst of a race. Click through now to pick up your dream gear before it’s all gone.

Knife & Tool: Angus Mac­Gyver (You did­n’t know Angus was his first name, did you?) would­n’t need much more than a shoelace and a jar of vine­gar to make him­self a palace of the woods. The rest of us should bring along a mul­ti-tool or knife, just in case. Find what you need to make camp or escape prison here.

DVS: DVS prod­ucts are a hybrid of per­for­mance and style that are designed to look good and sus­tain rough use. Though it caters to the breadth of the board­sport world, the com­pa­ny still stands by its orig­i­nal mantra: made for skaters, by skaters. Click through now!

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Mac the Knife: Did you know? Tele­vi­sion’s most awe­some chemist, Angus Mac­Gyver, knew how to do a lot with a lit­tle. That’s why the Depart­ment of Exter­nal Ser­vices hired him as a top-lev­el secret agent. But he did­n’t defuse ter­ror­ist bombs and escape count­less locked rooms all on his own. Over the years, Mac­gyver car­ried var­i­ous mod­els of both Vic­tori­nox and Wenger mul­ti tools. The knife seen in the open­ing of each episode is a Wenger. In many parts of Europe and South­east Asia, mul­ti-tools or Swiss Army knives are often referred to and mar­ket­ed as ‘Mac­gyver Knives.’