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ExOf­fi­cio: ExOf­fi­cio estab­lished itself in the late 1980s with a prod­uct that fea­tured the func­tion­al­i­ty of a fly-fish­ing vest and the con­struc­tion of a dress shirt. The award-win­ning leader in inno­v­a­tive tech­ni­cal appar­el con­tin­ues to cre­ate dynam­ic prod­ucts that are as fit for the office as they are for the out­doors. Click through now to shop shirts, shorts, and more by the ground­break­ing brand.





Men’s and Wom­en’s Cha­co: In a world that relies on fad­dish, non-recy­clable prod­ucts, Cha­co proud­ly makes no-frills footwear that can be repaired rather than thrown in a land­fill. Inde­struc­tible adven­ture diaries for feet, every pair of Cha­cos has a sto­ry to tell. Let footwear be your adven­ture diary, with Cha­cos— repairable footwear that’s built to last for­ev­er. We’ve got Men’s and Wom­en’s Cha­cos on sale today at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.






Tip of Capri­corn: Did you know? On Sep­tem­ber 4 (that’s today!), 1774, en route to New Zealand aboard his ship HMS Res­o­lu­tion, famed British nav­i­ga­tor Cap­tain James Cook spot­ted an unchart­ed arch­i­pel­ago. The prin­ci­ple island was an unchart­ed 7,000-square-miles of beau­ti­ful beach­es and moun­tains that host­ed a sparse pop­u­la­tion of local peo­ple. Cook put the island on the map and named it “New Cale­do­nia,” because it remind­ed him of Scot­land. (Cale­do­nia is a Latin name for parts of north­ern Scot­land.) Euro­pean mis­sion­ar­ies set­tled the island in 1843 and by 1863 it was being uti­lized by the French as a penal colony. Today, New Cale­do­nia, locat­ed 750 miles east of Aus­tralia, is a pop­u­lar tourist des­ti­na­tion with a pop­u­la­tion of around 250,000.