Gibbon Slacklines, Carve Designs, & More


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Carve Designs

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Gib­bon Slack­lines: Just because you string a line between some boul­ders then try to walk across it peo­ple say you’re imbal­anced. They couldn’t be more wrong. Whether you slack between trees or rocks, over grass or the open ocean, Gib­bon has the line for you. New to the sport? The com­pa­ny also offers instruc­tion­al media to help you get start­ed. Sum­mer is almost here. What are you wait­ing for? Today we’re offer­ing mem­bers exclu­sive pric­ing on a large selec­tion of Gib­bon lines and DVDs.

Carve Designs: Carve Designs cre­ates beach-inspired appar­el for active women. Root­ed in the desire to offer female surfers beach­wear alter­na­tives to ill-fit­ting board­shorts, the brand’s designs are fem­i­nine, flat­ter­ing, with a hint of sexy. Click through now for mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing on lifestyle appar­el from the pro­gres­sive brand.

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Ape on Wire: Did you know? A real gib­bon would walk a Gib­bon slack­line with no prob­lem what­so­ev­er. Like simi­an tightrope walk­ers, the acro­bat­ic ani­mals use their long arms to bal­ance while run­ning along thin branch­es high up in the trees. They’ve also been known to leap up to 30 feet between trees in a sin­gle jump, not some­thing we rec­om­mend attempt­ing regard­less of how good you are at slacklining.