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Gravis: If Wat­son and Crick were to unrav­el the DNA of Gravis, they’d find that the brand is made up of four ele­ments: skate, snow, surf, and art. With a unique style and an unwa­ver­ing focus on research, devel­op­ment, and atten­tion to detail, Gravis footwear and appar­el is designed to take you around the world and back. Where will it take you? Click through to find out.



Men’s Out­door Appar­el: Build­ing jumps, climb­ing trees, explor­ing the unknown: some things nev­er get old. Cel­e­brate your out­door adven­ture lifestyle with every­thing from jack­ets and vests to shirts and belts and more. Shop now!



Wom­en’s Out­door Appar­el: Gear up for a jog up the street, a slog up ‘ze moun­tain, or good times around the camp­fire with tees, shorts, jack­ets, and more from pre­mi­um brands. Click through now to shop out­door appar­el from adi­das, Moun­tain Hard­wear, and more.



Men’s Skate Style: They tore up the for­est so we took to the streets. Hop­ping their stairs and slid­ing their rails, we rode hard and free and awe­some and it was good. Behold, the footwear and appar­el the move­ment inspired. Fea­tur­ing shoes and apparel.




Demise of the Walk­ing-Poet: Did you know? On August 8, 1818 (that’s today!), 22-year-old Eng­lish poet John Keats returned from his now-famous walk­ing tour of Eng­land and Scot­land. A few weeks pri­or, Keats had con­tract­ed an ill­ness on the Isle of Mull. Mid-way through, a doc­tor described him as “too thin and fevered to pro­ceed with the jour­ney.” The ill­ness would devel­op into tuber­cu­lo­sis and kill him three years lat­er, but not before the young writer pumped out what would become some of the most famous poems in the Eng­lish language.