Mammut, Gibbon Slacklines, Sterling Rope, Hi-Tec, Ahnu

Clym­bers! It’s good to see you around these parts again. You’ll be hap­py you stopped by today because we’ve got some excit­ing news. As part of our con­stant effort to bring you sweet deals on prod­ucts from the top brands in the indus­try, we are today, for the first time ever, fea­tur­ing (drrrrrum­roll please)… Mammut.

Did you hear that? MA-freak­ing-MMUT. That’s right. The mam­moth is in the house and we’re gonna let it run wild and rough the place up a bit. We encour­age you to tap into your prim­i­tive roots and take all you can car­ry. If you want the choic­est bits you’d bet­ter act quick­ly though.

In oth­er news, Zach in cus­tomer ser­vice crushed an apple with his bare hands yes­ter­day. The inter­net had gone down, ren­der­ing us all use­less for any­thing but spin­ning cir­cles in our chairs, becom­ing more mis­chie­vous by the minute. Out of respect for the tech team, we decid­ed to pass the time as pro­fes­sion­al­ly as possible—by com­pet­ing with one anoth­er in a feat of strength. Zach’s was a hero­ic effort that earned him a round of applause from all but his jeal­ous com­peti­tors, who instead of deli­cious apple, were left only with the sour taste of the inevitable truth: He’ll prob­a­bly be pro­mot­ed to an exec­u­tive posi­tion with­in the month for this.

I digress. Here’s what we have on the dock­et today:

Mam­mut: Mam­mut is named for the mighty mam­moths that roamed the Swiss coun­try­side thou­sands of years ago. The com­pa­ny can trace its own his­to­ry back to a not-so-impos­ing mom and pop rope­works oper­a­tion in a small town in Switzer­land, where, in 1862, founder Kasper Tan­ner was giv­en per­mis­sion to use the pub­lic way out­side his flat to braid and coil his own ropes. The rest, as they say, is his­to­ry. Today, the com­pa­ny is a glob­al­ly rec­og­nized leader in elite gear and appar­el for moun­taineer­ing and out­door pur­suits. Click through to get mam­moth-sized sav­ings on Mam­mut tech­ni­cal appar­el today at The Clymb.

Gib­bon Slack­lines: Just because you string a line between some boul­ders then try to walk across it peo­ple say you’re imbal­anced. They couldn’t be more wrong. Whether you slack between trees or rocks, over grass or the open ocean, Gib­bon has the line for you. New to the sport? The com­pa­ny also offers instruc­tion­al media to help you get start­ed. Sum­mer is just around the cor­ner so what are you wait­ing for? Today we’re offer­ing mem­bers exclu­sive pric­ing on a large selec­tion of Gib­bon lines and DVDs.

Ster­ling Rope: Aaaarg! Don’t be sur­prised if hook­ing into a climb­ing rope by Ster­ling Rope com­pels you to shout out a few gar­bled lines of pirate gib­ber­ish. That’s because com­pa­ny founders cut their teeth mak­ing sea­wor­thy ropes for use in the marine indus­try. When Ster­ling Rope made the tran­si­tion to climb­ing and res­cue prod­ucts, it intro­duced rope that fea­tured a core fiber with a mois­ture inhibitor built in—a tech­nol­o­gy pre­vi­ous­ly only found in the marine industry—which made the rope safer. Shiv­er your tim­bers with Ster­ling Rope climb­ing acces­sories, avail­able today at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Hi-Tec: Hi-Tec was found­ed in 1974 in the appro­pri­ate­ly named vil­lage of Shoe­bury­ness, in Essex, Eng­land. The com­pa­ny first put its name on the footwear map with a pair of light­weight ath­let­ic shoes designed for play­ing squash. The Hi-Tec Squash remains the best-sell­ing sports shoe mod­el in Britain to this day. The com­pa­ny has since branched out, build­ing a rep­u­ta­tion for itself as a mak­er of qual­i­ty out­door footwear and appar­el. Today at The Clymb, we’re excit­ed to be offer­ing mem­bers exclu­sive pric­ing on some out­door prod­ucts from across the pond—with a huge selec­tion of Men’s and Wom­en’s Hi-Tec tech­ni­cal appar­el. Don’t miss out.

Ahnu: When the founders of Ahnu set out to cre­ate envi­ron­men­tal­ly con­scious per­for­mance footwear that would make the out­doors more acces­si­ble and “a lit­tle less agro,” they found inspi­ra­tion and a name­sake in a help­ful deity of yore: Anu, the Celtic god­dess of the bal­ance between well­be­ing and pros­per­i­ty. Ahnu does its patron proud by bal­anc­ing fit­ness and fash­ion, per­for­mance and aes­thet­ics, prof­it and phil­an­thropy. Pros­per and be well with Men’s and Women’s Ahnu footwear, avail­able today at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

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Juras­sic Lark: Did you know? The folks at Mam­mut may meet their busi­ness’s name­sake with­in the next five years. In 2012, Russ­ian aca­d­e­mics signed a deal with con­tro­ver­sial Kore­an sci­en­tist Hwang Woo-Suk to do what you’d imag­ine any league of post-Sovi­et genius­es would do if giv­en access to a man of mad science—clone a mam­moth. The effort began last year, when Russ­ian researchers pulled cells from a wool­ly mam­moth pre­served in per­mafrost in Siberia. If all goes accord­ing to plan, Woo-Suk, who earned infamy in 2005 when he cre­at­ed the world’s first cloned dog, will implant the nucle­us of a mam­moth cell into an ele­phant egg to cre­ate a mam­moth embryo. The embryo will then be implant­ed into an ele­phan­t’s womb. Whether or not the Rus­sians have a James Bond-style plot to unleash the Mam­moth to wreak hav­oc in New York City is yet to be determined.