Men’s & Women’s Footwear

Cred­it: Patagonia

Hap­py Sun­day Clym­bers. We love to see you here but should­n’t you be at a bar­be­cue? Well, you made the right deci­sion. Today’s event is every bit as excit­ing as burg­ers and pota­to sal­ad. And odds are, you have first dibs. We have moun­tains of footwear for you today. Hik­ing boots, run­ning shoes, san­dals, every­thing. Have a look then enjoy the rest of your week­end! We’ll check back in with you tomorrow.

Fresh on the menu today:

Men’s Footwear: Why just walk like a man when you could be run­ning, hik­ing, and shuf­flin’ down the beach like one too? High­lights from today’s col­lec­tion include the Teva Fus-lon Water Shoe and the Patag­o­nia Boaris, which was designed for boar hunt­ing. No kidding!

Wom­en’s Footwear: Those boots were made for walk­ing. And that’s just what they’ll do. Which is why you need some trail run­ners too. And some san­dals. Or just do it all with the adi­das Ter­rex Trek FM Mid GTX, a super-light hik­er with a GORE-TEX membrane.

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Den­im Dreams: Did you know? Some men just want to see the world burn. Oth­ers want to shroud it in den­im. On May 20 (that’s today!), 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis received the patent for blue jeans. With daisy dukes and cut­off vests still a long way off, the patent focused sim­ply on Davis’s method of attach­ing met­al riv­ets to pock­et cor­ners and oth­er points of strain, which increased the strength of the garments.