Mother’s Day “Gift” Ideas For the Outdoors

With Moth­er’s Day just a few days away, maybe you’re still look­ing for a last minute gift. Or maybe you want to be a tad more unique than the choco­late, flow­ers, appli­ance route. Maybe you want to cel­e­brate the spe­cial Mom in your life by shar­ing your love of the out­doors. Here are a few out­door, low cost ways to do that:

- Pic­nic! OK, this seems super sim­ple and maybe a bit cheesy, but I bet it’s appre­ci­at­ed. Spring is here, the weath­er is right, so why not pack a lunch of your Mom’s favorite foods and snacks and spread a blan­ket at your favorite out­door spot?

- A Hike For Two (or more!): Last year, a friend of mine took his Mom hik­ing as a way to get her into his favorite out­door activ­i­ty. She’d recent­ly been diag­nosed with high blood pres­sure and the doc­tor sug­gest­ed dai­ly walks. To keep her going — and to make the expe­ri­ence mem­o­rable — they’d each share their favorite fam­i­ly mem­o­ry at mile­stones on their jour­ney. Now, this Sun­day, they’re doing it again and includ­ing oth­er fam­i­ly members.

For a list of favorite trails by state, click here.

- My Mom, The Green Thumb: My moth­er is an avid gar­den­er. The virid­i­an appendage seems to have skipped over me com­plete­ly, so she espe­cial­ly appre­ci­ates it when I take the time to get my hands dirty and help out plant­i­ng trees or relo­cat­ing blos­soms. If your Mom is a gar­den mum (Get it? Mum?), why not pick up some flow­ers in her favorite col­or from your local nurs­ery and plan a Sun­day date of plant­i­ng them together?

These are just some starter ideas, but you get the pic­ture: a bike ride, a hike, plant­i­ng flow­ers, they all have two things in com­mon — they’re out­doors and they’re more about spend­ing time than any­thing else. As a Mom myself, I know that is the most pre­cious gift of all.