New Balance Gear, Outdoor Research, Emerica, and Zamberlan Approach Shoes

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New Bal­ance Appar­el: New Bal­ance cel­e­brates near­ly 75 years expe­ri­ence mak­ing high-per­for­mance run­ning prod­ucts. Click through now to explore this col­lec­tion of the icon­ic brand’s inno­v­a­tive run­ning appar­el. 

New Bal­ance Eye­wear: Eyes are the win­dows to the soul, and this col­lec­tion of light­weight eye­wear has frames fea­tur­ing polar­ized and inter­change­able lens­es. It’s func­tion for the soul from the trust­ed footwear brand.





Men’s Out­door Research: Steel your nerves to drop into Corbett’s Couloir at Jack­son Hole know­ing that if you rag­doll the land­ing, this tech­ni­cal col­lec­tion from Out­door Research will at least keep you warm, dry, and ready for anoth­er chance. Like an untracked pow­der slope, this col­lec­tion won’t last long. We’re fea­tur­ing storm­proof jack­ets and pants, insu­lat­ing base lay­ers, and more.

Women’s Out­door Research: Shrug off a squall as you hike deep into Olympic Nation­al Park’s Hoh Rain­for­est wear­ing one of these tech­ni­cal shells. Pair it with an insu­lat­ed lay­er for an unstop­pable com­bi­na­tion. Shop now for this exclu­sive sale for women and children.

Out­door Research Acces­sories: This col­lec­tion of hats, gloves, and more will equip your entire fam­i­ly for the many moods of Moth­er Nature. Don’t let storms keep you in. Out­fit your­self and ven­ture forth, my friend.






Emer­i­ca: Emer­i­ca’s pre­mi­um skate-inspired footwear and appar­el is designed and test­ed by pro­fes­sion­al rid­ers. Each mod­el is packed with as much per­son­al­i­ty and indi­vid­u­al­i­ty as the rid­ers them­selves because, hey, that’s what skate­board­ing is all about. Speak­ing of what skate­board­ing is all about, Emer­i­ca is about more than just cre­at­ing inno­v­a­tive skate gear. The com­pa­ny active­ly empow­ers youth through skate­board­ing by sup­port­ing orga­ni­za­tions like Boards for Bros, which dis­trib­utes refur­bished skate­boards to chil­dren that can’t afford them. Rod­ney Recloose would be proud. Click through now for mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing on Men’s Emer­i­ca footwear and apparel.







Zam­ber­lan: This fam­i­ly-run busi­ness from the Ital­ian Alps has con­cen­trat­ed on build­ing footwear to explore the moun­tains since 1929.  By focus­ing on qual­i­ty, com­fort, and per­for­mance their designs have earned numer­ous awards includ­ing the Out­door Indus­try Award in 2010. The approach shoes in this col­lec­tion will help you reach the summit.






Men’s Footwear: The per­fect path can turn into a trail of tears because of bad footwear. That’s why we sized this col­lec­tion of pre­mi­um footwear by top brands just for you.






Women’s Footwear: The per­fect path can turn into a trail of tears because of bad footwear. That’s why we sized this col­lec­tion of pre­mi­um footwear by top brands just for you.


Kitesurf­ing Teahupo’o: Did you know?

On Sep­tem­ber 14th (that’s today!), 2006, pro­fes­sion­al kitesurfers Jere­mie Eloy, Julien Sudrat, and Yan­nick Salmon gath­ered at the surf break known as Teahupo’o on the French Poly­ne­sian island of Tahi­ti. Teahupo’o loose­ly trans­lates to mean, “to sev­er the head,” and fit­ting­ly, the break pro­duces a dan­ger­ous, hol­low wave that ranges from 10–70ft. What makes the wave so dan­ger­ous is that it crash­es over a coral reef that is only 20 inch­es beneath the sur­face, pro­duc­ing a dense wave that is con­sid­ered the “heav­i­est wave” in the world. On this day the waves were in the 10ft. range and as thick at the lip as they were tall. The three kite­board­ers rode the wave to become the first kite­board­ers to ever surf Teahupo’o.