New Brand Event: CamelBak

Our brand event, which start­ed at 9am PST, is Camel­Bak! You can save up to 65% off Camel­Back hydra­tion sys­tems. The event runs through Sat­ur­day at 9am PST. Like always you need to be a mem­ber to access the event. It is free to become a member.

Here is a great video on how Camel­Bak tests their products.

I think this is total­ly inter­est­ing to see how they test prod­uct. It is great to see how seri­ous they take the qual­i­ty of what they put out. As they say in the video that if their prod­uct fails some­one could get hurt. Beyond that though… how fun would this be? Inflat­ing reser­voirs to obscene lev­els see­ing if when they will explode. Learn­ing that you can unscrew a cap 40,000 times… I think I am in the wrong field.