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Sug­oi: Sug­oi means “incred­i­ble” in Japan­ese. The brand designs per­for­mance run­ning, cycling, and triathlon appar­el and acces­sories that help ded­i­cat­ed ath­letes push the bound­aries of per­son­al per­for­mance. Today on The Clymb we’re offer­ing a huge selec­tion of Men’s and Women’s tech­ni­cal appar­el, includ­ing tri suits, shorts, arm warm­ers and more by the respect­ed brand. Click through now or you risk get­ting left behind.

Olly­dog: The founders of Olly­Dog got their start design­ing gear for peo­ple who like to play out­doors, for com­pa­nies like The North Face and Sier­ra Designs. The inno­v­a­tive gear they make today is still dri­ven by play only now it’s designed from a dog’s point of view. Treat your best friend to some sweet trail gear. Click through now to shop packs, portable food and water dish­es, leash­es, and more.

Iron­man by TYR: TYR—pronounced ‘tier’—Sport re-imag­ines advanced per­for­mance tech­nolo­gies for com­pet­i­tive ath­letes. This col­lec­tion fea­tures the brand’s elite iron­man col­lec­tion, designed for intense work­outs. Fea­tur­ing jer­seys, sin­glets, shorts, and more. 

Soleus: Besides a good ol’ fash­ioned stare down, run­ning is the sim­plest form of sports. The inno­v­a­tive minds behind Soleus believe in mak­ing their watch­es just as sim­ple, with intu­itive fea­tures such as big dig­its, inter­val timers, and light­weight mate­ri­als. Click through to shop a wide selec­tion of col­or­ful and tech­no­log­i­cal­ly incred­i­ble ath­let­ic watches.

Fyx­a­tion: Fyx­a­tion brings urban rid­ers pio­neer­ing com­po­nents made from the best mate­ri­als at a fair price. The brand focus­es on design, dura­bil­i­ty and style. The crew there is made up of cycling addicts that have years of indus­try expe­ri­ence and are as pas­sion­ate rid­ing to tonight’s beer run as they were the day their train­ing wheels came off. Fea­tur­ing ped­als, bar tape, sad­dles, and more.


Bering Alas­ka: Did you know? On July 28 (that’s today!), 1741, Cap­tain Vitus Jonassen Bering, a Dan­ish explor­er con­tract­ed by the Rus­sians to chart Siberi­a’s north­ern coast and con­tin­ue his quest to con­firm or deny the exis­tence of a land bridge between Rus­sia and Amer­i­ca, reached Alas­ka. Bering had already made a trip to the region in 1728 and was fair­ly con­vinced that any bit of Rus­sia you could see from the shores of Amer­i­ca was across the ocean, with noth­ing con­nect­ing it. But inclement weath­er turned Bering’s ships around before he could defin­i­tive­ly con­firm or deny the fabled con­nec­tion between the East and the West. On the way home, Bering became ill and died some­what uncer­e­mo­ni­ous­ly of scurvy on an island near the Kam­chat­ka Penin­su­la along with near­ly 30 of his men. Bering’s name lives on in the region he spent his life explor­ing. The Bering Straight, the Bering Sea, Bering Island, Bering Glac­i­er, and the Bering Land Bridge were all posthu­mous­ly named after the adven­tur­ous navigator.