The Awesomeness that was MacGyver and a New Brand Event

When I look back on my life I remem­ber sit­ting down to watch Mac­Gyver as a kid, not real­ly car­ing about the sto­ry line of the show except for when he used his Swiss Army Knife and ran­dom object to get out of a jam. The not so sci­en­tif­ic expla­na­tions of why he used the object the way he did always got me as well. “Well we defused this nuclear bomb using bak­ing soda, my knife, and a wad of chew­ing gum because radioac­tiv­i­ty hates Bub­b­li­cious.” (Okay maybe that wasn’t one of them.)

My point is the one thing I learned from Mac­Gyver, well except for that he might the only per­son in the his­to­ry of time to have a mul­let and look okay, is that you should be pre­pared. (Wait maybe that was Boy Scouts.) One year for Christ­mas I asked for a Swiss Army Knife so when I went camp­ing or hik­ing that I would be pre­pared for any­thing. I guess the years of sci­ence train­ing and expe­ri­ence real­ly didn’t fac­tor into the whole me being pre­pared like MacGuyver fantasy.

The rea­son I am bring­ing this up is that our Vic­tori­nox Swiss Army Knife sale begins today where you can save up to 60% off Swiss Army prod­ucts. Remem­ber, as always, this is a member’s only event. If you need a mem­ber­ship con­nect with us on Face­book or Twit­ter.

This brand event is run­ning through Sat­ur­day at 9am PST. Also due to the size of prod­uct and your requests we have reduced ship­ping on this sale.

So who watched Mac­Gyver as a kid?