Thunderbolt Softshell Jeans, Plus Ahnu and SOG


You get an ear­ly start, cycling to meet friends for a hike. The trail is ambi­tious, but noth­ing you haven’t han­dled before and not even the unex­pect­ed rain can slow you down. After­wards, you stop off at the pub for a pint and to nail down the logis­tics on your upcom­ing climb­ing trip. You’ve done a lot in one day, but the one thing you haven’t done is change your clothes.

You’re wear­ing Thun­der­bolt Soft­shell Jeans, ver­sa­tile tech­ni­cal pants you can both live and play in. Thunderbolt’s sport Schoeller Dryskin fab­ric, which gives them a tough exte­ri­or that can han­dle the most extreme con­di­tions, while pro­vid­ing a soft inte­ri­or against your skin. Dryskin also pro­vides a four-way stretch that accom­mo­dates a full range of motion dur­ing hikes, bike rides, climbs, and what­ev­er else you get up to — even if it’s in the rain. Thunderbolt’s are treat­ed with Nanos­phere, a durable water repel­lent – and the fab­ric is coat­ed with nanoscop­ic par­ti­cles which cre­ate an impen­e­tra­ble bar­ri­er against grease, water, dirt, and stains.

Blur­ring the line between sports­wear and streetwear, these jeans will take you from the trails to the streets, look­ing damn good the entire way. Shop our first Thun­der­bolt event here.

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Inspired by Anu, the Celtic god­dess of the bal­ance between well­be­ing and pros­per­i­ty, Ahnu set out to make envi­ron­men­tal­ly con­scious per­for­mance footwear. We’d say they suc­ceed­ed. Ahnu’s Clymb debut fea­tures Men’s and Women’s trail run­ners, boots, and more.

It doesn’t get more phys­i­cal than park­our­ing. If you’re gonna vault, launch, roll, and jump over obsta­cles in the urban jun­gle, you bet­ter have the right gear. The traceurs behind Rev­o­lu­tion Park­our put Thun­der­bolt Jeans to the test. Did they pass? You be the judge:

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