5 Extreme Camping Spots to Get Your Adventure Fix

If you’re look­ing for some­where new and intense to pitch your tent this year, look no fur­ther than these extreme campsites.

Chill Out in the Sub Arctic
Alas­ka draws the major­i­ty of its vis­i­tors dur­ing the sum­mer, but some rugged adven­tur­ers pre­fer to vis­it when the snow is deep and the tem­per­a­ture below freez­ing. You’ll need to dress warm­ly, eat plen­ty, and use snow to insu­late your cho­sen site. You’ll need to be fit, alert, and expe­ri­enced in cold-weath­er camp­ing. But you’ll also enjoy the exhil­a­ra­tion of prov­ing that you can make your­self at home under even the most inhos­pitable conditions.

©istockphoto/gregeppersonCount the Stars While Dan­gling from a Mountain
When you’re try­ing to reach the top, but you need to take a break for din­ner and sleep, just hook up your trusty por­taledge. This sleep­ing sys­tem designed for mul­ti-day climbers is best for those with nerves of steel—but who ever heard of a climber with a fear of heights? Besides, this is the clos­est you’ll ever come to sleep­ing in the clouds.

Check Out Para­nor­mal Activity
Whether you’re a ded­i­cat­ed ghost hunter or a total skep­tic, camp­ing out in pur­port­ed­ly haunt­ed places is a good way to test your bravery—or crazi­ness, depend­ing on your per­spec­tive. Fear of the unknown or inex­plic­a­ble is a uni­ver­sal human trait, so you’ll have your pick of creepy places to set up camp.

Whether the super­nat­ur­al is tru­ly at work, or just some noisy night­time ani­mals, you’ll get your adren­a­line flow­ing. Bonus points if you bust out your Oui­ja board as camp­fire entertainment.

©istockphoto/b-astudioStay the Night in a Cave
Caves are nature’s hotels. A bit damp and dark at times, but a roof over your head all the same. And there’s noth­ing claus­tro­pho­bic about Hang En Cave, the world’s third-largest cav­ern, locat­ed in Vietnam’s Quang Binh Province. You can camp on the shore of the cave’s turquoise pool. But first you’ll have to get there, trekking miles through remote wilder­ness. Once you arrive and set­tle in, the stun­ning beau­ty of this place should help to dis­tract you from the odor­ous­ness of the cave’s bat population.

Sweet Dreams in the Rainforest
The rain­for­est is a buck­et list des­ti­na­tion for many adven­tur­ers. The bio­di­ver­si­ty can­not be beat. But a place so teem­ing with life can be tricky for the unini­ti­at­ed overnight guest to nego­ti­ate. Insects car­ry­ing dis­ease, slith­er­ing snakes, ter­ri­to­r­i­al jaguars, poi­so­nous plant life: there’s a host of flo­ra and fau­na that can turn your adven­ture dead­ly. Still, if you’ve got nerves of steel and a local guide, you might be in for the most mem­o­rable cam­pout of your life.