5 Qualities Outdoors Employers Want to See in a Candidate

outdoor1In this demand­ing job mar­ket you need to stand out from the rest of the job seek­ers to land that dream posi­tion. Here are five qual­i­ties that every out­doors employ­er wants you to have:

Are you moti­vat­ed enough to work for free? When an employ­er sees that you take time to main­tain trails or pick up trash on the side of a river­bank, it shows them that you have dri­ve and per­son­al passion—both qual­i­ties that will be a valu­able asset to their team. Be phil­an­thropic because you love the out­doors. The kar­ma you receive from giv­ing back will come around and help get that foot in the door.

Envi­ron­men­tal Edge
Maybe you pur­sue an edu­ca­tion in envi­ron­men­tal stud­ies or recre­ation­al man­age­ment, or maybe you’re a mem­ber of the out­door club. Any­thing that shows you have a gen­uine inter­est in the envi­ron­ment shows that you are think­ing pro­gres­sive­ly but that you are fight­ing to pro­tect the places that enable the indus­try to thrive.

Between Wilder­ness First Respon­der, Leave No Trace Mas­ter Edu­ca­tor, Amer­i­can Canoe Asso­ci­a­tion Instruc­tor, or Nation­al Out­door Lead­er­ship School; cer­tain cer­ti­fi­ca­tions can get you far. It’s the tech­ni­cal edge, the set of authen­tic skills that can set you apart. None of them come cheap­ly (time or mon­ey), so choose the right one for the right focus, and the con­fi­dence and cre­den­tials will add an extra card to your deck.

Recre­ation­al Expe­ri­ence
To land a job with an out­doors brand, it’s essen­tial to be authen­tic. If you’re try­ing to get into the out­door indus­try, chances are you love the great out­doors. But you have to know it beyond the idyl­lic sense. Being active helps you bet­ter under­stand active con­sumers. Be able to talk about and express the val­ues you find in your recre­ation­al pur­suits in the wilder­ness, and soon enough you could be get­ting paid to work amongst the same trees.

It does­n’t count to say “I’m pas­sion­ate about…,” you have to show it some­how. A good start is to fol­low the pre­vi­ous four tips, but it goes beyond that. It’s in your atti­tude and per­son­al­i­ty, where your pri­or­i­ties are and how you like to spend your time. Be hon­est with your­self when you ask these ques­tions and it will not only show in your inter­view, but that dream job you’re search­ing for? It might just find you.