Six Fringe Winter Sports to Try This Winter

Win­ter isn’t just for the skiers and snow­board­ers if you’re inter­est­ed in get­ting out there, hav­ing some fun in the snow, and try­ing some­thing a lit­tle more off the beat­en path, con­sid­er giv­ing one of these a try. Who knows you might just be a natural.

Ski­jor­ing at its finest in Lake­side, Mon­tana. @406_rob

Ever thought about what it would feel like to get towed on your skis by a dog or a horse, maybe even a car? Ever want­ed to com­pete against oth­er skiers also get­ting towed? If yes, then ski­jor­ing is for you. This age-old sport is a boat­load of fun, who knows it might even be your next mode of trans­porta­tion to the gro­cery store.

Ski Bik­ing
Pic­ture a bike but instead of wheels, you’ve got two or three skis. These things are fast, fun, and even a lit­tle scary. This sport is a great way to hit the ski slopes if you don’t feel like ski­ing or snow­board­ing, and many ski resorts now offer rentals and even lessons for those look­ing to learn.

Ice Climbing/Mountaineering
While maybe not exact­ly fringe sports, ice climb­ing, and moun­taineer­ing are great ways for those who don’t ski or snow­board to get out­side and enjoy the won­der­ful beau­ty of nature in win­ter.  How­ev­er, they are both some of the more cost pro­hib­i­tives of win­ter sports, not to men­tion they are also dan­ger­ous activ­i­ties that take a con­sid­er­able amount of knowl­edge and prepa­ra­tion. That being said, they’re both a lot of fun if done safely.


Undoubt­ed­ly the brain­child of snow­board­ers and skate­board­ers, snowskat­ing is a great way to embrace skate­board­ing and the more tech­ni­cal bag of tricks that come with it. By not hav­ing the board attached to your feet, rid­ers have the free­dom of mov­ing around like their on a skate­board, while on snow.

Fat Bik­ing
Ever tried to bike in the snow with nor­mal pair of bike tires? Does­n’t work. Fat bik­ing is all about the girth, with huge tires, wheels cov­er more sur­face area giv­ing you the free­dom to ped­dle around on snow like you would on a city street. With recent pop­u­lar­i­ty grow­ing, adven­ture trav­el trip providers have recent­ly start­ed adding fat bike tours to their list of activ­i­ties, so get out there, hop on a bike, and hit the snow.

Last but def­i­nite­ly not least. Yuki­gassen is a Japan­ese snow­ball fight­ing com­pe­ti­tion that is exact­ly what it sounds like. Play­ers com­pete with teams of sev­en in a head to head com­pe­ti­tion that is scored sim­i­lar­ly to cap­ture the flag, where­in play­ers get out if they are hit with a snow­ball, and the ulti­mate goal is to either elim­i­nate all oppos­ing play­ers or cap­ture the oth­er teams flag. Com­pe­ti­tions are held all over the world, with a cham­pi­onship in Hokkai­do, Japan.